Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Are Men's Rights Activists Stupid, Lazy, or Just Both?

I live and work in a fast-paced, confrontational world that doesn't afford me the luxury of mincing words or sugar-coating the truth. But as an increasingly prominent figure in the Men's Rights Movement, I try to be patient with those who move and think a little slower, especially the Canadians. I pray for patience but sometimes can't suppress my candor. This exchange on a recent post ("Exposing Feminism" Exposes a Rational Idea) is an example of why the Men's Rights Movement has no discernable Movement, is acheiving no additional Rights, and has failed to attract the interest or respect even from Men.

Canadian Men's Rights Activist JW Asks RS for Ideas on Fixing the MRM:
Says JW: "Women may well know that men are in trouble, that doesn't change the actions or the attitudes: It also doesn't translate into any willingness to take action to fix the problem.... "Men are abusive" "Men are deadbeats" "Men are ..." ...It's like that pretty well everywhere. It is an attitude problem of massive scale and it is getting worse. How does one change it?
"It is simple to say that's not right, it is HARD to fix a that's-not-right! In this case it is getting harder every minute. Many words ... a great many words: All saying "I do not know what to do!""

Robin Steele explain what can be done. Pretty obvious stuff, at least to RS:
RS: "This is not an unprecedented situation - or even anything new. It requires the same non-violent, educational and communication effort undertaken by every group that feels it's being treated unfairly and pushed for change, including the civil rights movement, the women's rights movement, and others. I think a step back and a deaf ear to all this anti-feminist nonsense reveals that it's not nearly as difficult as many other causes for a few reasons.

"It's simple, but not easy. First, you take baby steps. Create an image for the movement as a group of reasonable, caring people trying to fix an imbalance that hurts EVERYONE. Pick some obvious problems for starters, the ones easiest to gain a consensus for. Create a reasonable, documented and compelling case for change. Plan and execute email campaigns, coordinated blog networks that praise and criticize those who have something to gain or lose (politicians). Praise the places and people who are doing it right.
"Connect on men's rights issues everyone can relate to. We all have men we love and care about, whether sons, brothers, uncles, fathers, etc. And many people have seen the unfairness first or secondhand. The family structure is in an upheaval and we're just sorting out how to cope with a whole new ball game. Few will dispute that children need a healthy relationship with fathers and mothers.

"Use the Internet. MRAs complain that Feminists have funding, and they don't. Anybody notice that we now have at our disposal - nearly for free - the most powerful communication tool ever available? Any one with the most basic abilities can create a blog for free and have their words, images or video visible around the world in seconds. Email communication is an amazingly powerful tool that's practically free."

The Response? "We already did all that. Didn't work. Why tell us the obvious when we'd rather whine?"

jw said: "Robin! All of the things you speak of ARE being done!... now we have to deal with people writing hate campaigns in the newspapers!...How do we get around people like you telling us the OBVIOUS? Telling us to do the things we are already doing? I don't know!"

Are Men's Rights Activists Stupid, Lazy or Just Both?
RS: "You have NOT already waged an effective communications campaign. You have NOT already done so for years. If you had, you wouldn't be in the situation you're in.

"There's a self-defeating "dichotomy" (for lack of better word) with men that even you seem to be stymied by. I mean this as an observation, not an insult. You simultaneously are admittedly unsuccessful at achieving your goals, and at a loss for what to do, but also have an arrogant, know-it-all attitude that keeps you from considering helpful ideas.

"Your statement All of the things you speak of ARE being done! pinpoints a key problem. Yes, Men have a website and have for years(Angry Harry). Women have a website ( that's three years younger. Does that mean they've done the same thing? The women's site has 7 times the traffic, thousands more comments, tons of links to it, active and lively participation, and generates funds. It has power. Read my Angry Harry vs. Feministing Part 1 , and Angry Harry vs. Feministing Part 2 and compare the two approaches. Perhaps you'll see why Men's Rights Activists will always lose out to Women's Rights Activists.
"Robin's advice: Try taking a step back and seeing this with new eyes. You say: " we have to deal with people writing hate campaigns in the newspapers!"

"How is YOUR letter writing campaign going? Those stories are a GOOD OPPORTUNITY because they give you an opportunity to respond, disprove, expose with a campaign of well-crafted letters continually sent to the newspaper, with comments posted to the newspaper's website, with call-ins and appearances on talk-radio shows (always eager to fill air time), with protests at the newspaper's offices, with campaigns refuting columnists sexist views and demands for their removal if necessary, with your own blog and email campaigns.

"Stop looking for a magic bullet. there's no easy way, but there is a way. Learn how others accomplish their goals. The NRA is a very male organization and they've been able to enact and control major legislation despite millions of compelling reasons for their initiatives to be defeated. Learn how those bastards did it in the early days.

"What JW and many MRAs are really saying is Robin! We have already done a half-assed job of those things for years and it's not working! Why tell us the obvious when it's obvious we're too lazy to do it?"


Anonymous said...

Yep..Steele is ALL about hate. She keeps repeating the same banal horseshit, NEVER once thinking of being harmonious between the sexes. She goes around in circles like a dog, sniffing her own ass the whole time. She needs the vapors to carry on hating.

She is the perfect example of divide and conquer attempts.

She has not mentioned ONE thing in her misandrist hate blog that is not an act of projection.


Anonymous said...

Can Christ save "Robin Steele"?

Hate leads straight to hell, and Robin Steele's "womenofsteele" blog is pure hate.

In order for Robin Steele to be saved she would have to renounce her hate, repend for her sins, and make restitution to those who she has harmed.

Don't look for Robin Steele to end her sins of hate any time soon. Christ can not save a misandrist feminist. Straight to hell is where she belongs.

Anonymous said...

JW commented on an earlier post:

"We're obviously having a communication problem. I don't know if it is fixable, but I'll try."


JW, unfortunately, you can't communicate with a seriously mentally deranged reject like Steele. She's so deranged she doesn't even ,know, she's deranged. She has been so pitifully neglected all her years she has become a permanent fixture at Bellevue. But the doctors are in fact being too accomodating; they flat out refuse to remove her toy computer from her room.

Exposing Feminism said...

Time and time again we return to the issue of the credibility of the MRM.

Guys, Robin has a point here - if we are to be taken seriously we have to stop letting ourselves be reduced to name calling and ridicule.

Anonymous said...

Bla bla bla bla...

Steele keeps faltering at an accelerating rate.

Keep dreaming and stuttering, Steele. It's all you've ever had.


Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful to see poor molten Steele quivering in fear.

I LOVE it!


Fidelbogen said...

I will do Robin the honor of giving her a write-up (albeit a brief one) on The Counter-Feminist.

KellyMac said...

HA! Robin Steele in the men's movement? Have I entered the Twilight Zone?

jw said...

Robin: Glenn Sacks gets more hits in a day than Angry Harry does in what? A month? Two months? Somewhere in that range. But you do not compare to him. Why?

Or Dr. Helen Smith? or or or

There are a great many large sites.

I turn my head to the left and see my filing cabinet. It is filled with political letters stretching back thirty years. The only helpful ones are the ones when I successfully changed part of the traffic code.

I turn around and look at 50 some odd men's books. Some good, some very bad. Magazines are there too.


Why does MY picture sitting in this office differ so much from yours?

phil_hubb said...

The funniest thing just happened, I came over here from a men's rights blog expecting to be grossly offended by rabid misandry and got my eyes opened instead. Ms Steele's critique of the defects imbedded within much of the men's movement (or at least the online manifestation of it) was very clear headed and sincere.
Now I'm sure if I read into past entries I'll find something offensive, but for a moment it reminded me of the discourse my wife and I have shared since we first met.
She was stridently feminist and I was completely and unashamedly in defense of men. We both immediately recognized that we were two sides of the same coin in a world full of paper currency. That we were both brilliant radicals in a world dominated by lazy moderates.

When we met it was like walking into a room where everyone was dressed in earthtones. But I was wearing fluorescent blue and she was decked out in fluorescent pink. Naturally, we were immediately attracted to one another and though our fluorescent colors may have faded some through years of wash and wear we can still enjoy a healthy difference of opinion now and then.
It's ironic that for all our heated arguments, radicals on either end of this gender-political spectrum have more in common with one another than we do with that drab blob of society who compose the majority. We have our fundamentally radical mindsets and intellectual curiosity. We have our strong sense of purpose our idealism.

I know this isn't some "dating advice" blog, but I'll say it anyway. You unmarried, heterosexual radicals out there, if you're looking for a mate, you might want to drop your ideological shield long enough to approach the one wearing the opposite (thus complementary) fluorescent colors. Because different sides of the same coin are still the same coin, imvho.

I know none of this is very germane to Ms Steele's post, but if I just gave a couple of lonely hearted fellow radicals hope for their future personal relationships, it was worth it.

Fire at will! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Women of Steel , more like women of hate.
I'm a busy rude broad, I don't have time to mince words.
2000 words later.
No ones cares what the feminist scum have to say, without your hate laws against men you are nothing.
Most women get a job because of quotas.
Name one thing a women ever did, other then harass, lay on her back for money.
Man have created EVERYTHING.
Quote I have never seen a women in a disaster zone.No kidding.
Only at the mall or on a MUFF.
You hags are sick

Anonymous said...

Robin , I think I can help you with your way of thinking.
I can explain why you are wrong, I want to help you, save you from your own hate.
Peter Tarbat

Robin Steele said...

JW said Glenn Sacks gets more hits in a day than Angry Harry does... But you do not compare to him.
JW: I was contrasting grassroots, participatory blogs, not professional journalists and media organizations. The comparison grew from the outcries of those complaining that the Blog Award was fixed. The point of the comparison was to contrast what could be done with cooperation and free blog tools, not to measure the media reach of either side.

Phil Hubb: You win your own post! See the home page. Want to do an MRA dating advice column?

Exposing Feminism said... ...Guys, Robin has a point here - if we are to be taken seriously we have to stop letting ourselves be reduced to name calling and ridicule.
I shall illustrate your point with a moronic comment section, below. At least the morons should make it a bit more challenging for their detractors.
Petty Sniping Section

Anonymouse said Man have created EVERYTHING... without your hate laws against men you are nothing... Most women get a job because of quotas.
Man have created hate laws against women? Man have created unfair quotas for women? Be sure to thank Man for us if you see him.

Anonymouse said: JW, unfortunately, you can't communicate with a seriously mentally deranged reject like Steele. She's so deranged she doesn't even ,know, she's deranged. She has been so pitifully neglected all her years she has become a permanent fixture at Bellevue. But the doctors are in fact being too accomodating; they flat out refuse to remove her toy computer from her room.
Elaborately constructed delusions such as these are indications of deep and long-running psychosis. Besides, I've never been to Bellevue. I reside at the Maya Angelou Home for the Bewildered.

Peter Tarbat said I can explain why you are wrong, I want to help you, save you from your own hate.
That's mighty tempting Peter. I'll be right over! You don't work in sales or marketing, do you?

Anonymous said It's so wonderful to see poor molten Steele quivering in fear.
Molten Steele. That's a double entendre! Good for you, Anon.! Good for you!

Fidelbogen said I will do Robin the honor of giving her a write-up (albeit a brief one) on The Counter-Feminist.
I am honored. Let me know how that turns out.

KellyMac said...
HA! Robin Steele in the men's movement? Have I entered the Twilight Zone?

HA! When'd you leave it?

Robin Steele said...

To Anonymous, who posted the entire David Usher article. I deleted it because this is a "comment" section and because posting people's complete articles without permission is copyright infringement. Or because I'm part od the oppressive Feminazi regime whose primary aim is to crush free speech and enslave all men. Your choice.

Posting an except and/or link to an article is acceptable.

Robin Steele said...

To Peter Tarbat: This morning's reading indicated that I should be open to your advice if the numbers so ordain.
If you are interested in communicating via email, go to the right sidebar of my homepage. Under THE FUTURE IS OURS click on "Free astrology reading" and enter your birthdate. Email the "Lucky Numbers" Sara Freder sends you to
Do this and I will consider your advice. If the number so ordains, I will even follow that with which I disagree.

Bob said...

Let's see.

Feminists have tax payer supported feminist training departments at over 700 colleges and universities in the USA and hundreds more in other countries. Masculists have NONE.

Feminists have tax supported advocate divisions in every agency of the US Federal government and likewise in most other western countries. Masculists have NONE.

Feminists have feminist teacher dominating K-12 education throughout the USA, while Masculists have NONE.

Feminists have dominant voting power in every jurisdiction of the USA, while men have minority votes.

Feminists have worked on their hate campaign for more than a century and a half, while men have been working almost a decade and a half.

Feminists control the education of young boys and girls, and feed them feminist propaganda lies which take years to unlearn.

The really surprising thing is how much progress Men's advocates have made in only about a decade and a half. The progress is phenomenal. It has the feminazi like Steele worried enough to start this attack blog trying to head off the success of MEN.

Robin Steele said...

According to bob,

Feminists have:
- training departments at over US 700 colleges
- training departments at hundred of foreign colleges
- advocate divisions in every US Federal agency
- advocate divisions in most western countries
- Domination of K-12 education throughout the USA
-dominant voting power in every US jurisdiction
- a century and a half of media domination
- control over the education of young boys and girls

Yes, bob, it would be logical to deduce that you've got the Feminists shaking in their pointy heeled boots.

What really riles them up is the fact that even though they dominate every social, educational and governmental sector of society, they can't seem to make up cool words like "Mangina," and "Feminazi" like you guys. Though I suspect they COULD hire a 4th grade boy to do it for them.

Amoranthus said...

The comments here have me laughing out loud! I may get a stitch!!
Facial muscles are already starting to hurt.


I was thrown into the MRM about 5 years ago. I've worked to organize, educate, rationalize, and discuss online and offline constantly for all of that time.

Guess what? Robin Steele is just stating the obvious.
Her synopsis of the MRM is right on the money. I can say that because I have been saying the same things for 5 years, -- and it's taken me hundreds of times as many words!

What Steele says about the MRM is exactly my understanding of it.

Wake up! Smell the coffee. Push your collective faces into a cold sink.
Take a shower.
Put your egos aside and get busy.


Dutch269 said...

No Amoranthus, what really happend is you couldn't keep up the fight and got feminized in the process. Don't you worry, the real men will keep the fight at thier front doors without your help.

Robin Steele is a just another example of the progress we are making. More and more you see these feminists getting more and more angry, in thier blogs, on the streets, even with thier children.

This is the behavior of a dying animal, lashing out as it tries to avoid the inevitable.

Remember, feminism is just a form of socialism, something our govt would love to have. So when you fight feminism, your also keeping our country from becoming a communist/police state.

Keep up the fight!!

Amoranthus said...

You know, Dutch, I wish you could read as well as you gripe.

Real Men don't puff and snort. They put their shoulders to a task and get busy. That's what I've done.

Yeah, I agree with what Steele says in this article. I've had to wade through too much blow and snort, suffocating egos, and primate-level thinking.
What I have done is to organize a few meetings, provoke a few more across the country, maintain a blog for more than 4 years about the struggle, commented almost daily on a couple of forums to press for equality before the law and a wider understanding of the goals of the movement, and am organizing a couple of internationally-accredited authors' tours of Australia.

Now, Mr 'Real Man', what have you done?

Anonymous said...

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