Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bob Allen calls for violence against police

Bob Allen's The World according to Bob is a vile cesspool of hate speech against women, police officers, gays, minorities and more. It should be removed from Blogger, the free blog network that hosts it (and this blog). Allen's blog contains numerous pleas for his readers, many of them troubled and impressionable youths and disenfranchised fathers, to take up arms and commit violent acts against the police (whome he calls "Blue Gun Thugs"). Here are a few examples:

Bob Allen on Police Officers

On the 25-year veteran Officer Charles Cassidy, father of three, killed in the line of duty:

Got Another One! ... Goodbye and good riddance to bad rubbish. Link.
In this post, Allen openly calls for violence against police:

Wherever you live in the United States... the blue suited terrorists are out there looking for an excuse to assault you, to terrorize you, to brutalize you, to beat you, and if they can to shoot you.... When nothing exciting is happening the blue gun thugs will assault, beat, and shoot you for innocuous “crimes” such as walking down a public street or staying quietly in your own home. The evil in blue is the SS Gestapo of the new order in America. For the sake of freedom they need to be rounded up and impaled by angry mobs of decent citizens.
In this post, Bob Allen advocates violence against the police who restricted access to areas ravaged by wildfires, calling them "arrogant pigs abusing their petty power."
[California Police Officers] ought to be shot and run over by free MEN returning to their homes. Only a generation of pussy boys raised by women allows the men of California to be so badly abused... the blue gun thugs are the opposite of the protectors of the rights and freedoms of a free people. We all would be a lot more safe, even with fires, if they were rounded up and eliminated.
Bob Allen calls for elimination of police officers:

On average, the blue gun thugs cause a lot more death and destruction than they save. The average person would be a whole lot better off without them.

Here Bob Allen incites his readers to start killing police:

[Police officers] are the scum of the earth who rob, kill, and oppress a free
people.... How soon will armed mobs of people start planting the slimy scum?

Here Bob Allen calls for violence against D.C. Police:

The blue gun thugs and their bosses who assaulted the MEN of Fathers 4 Justice
and the tourists ought to be rounded up and
in front of the Lincoln Memorial as a lesson...
The call for publicly impaling police officers is a running theme on Bob's Blog:

Bob loudly condemned the Blue Gun Thugs, they ought to be impaled for the execution murder.
And here:

The blue gun thugs ought to be rounded up and impaled by a mob of decent and very angry citizens. Fathers must begin taking back our families and our nation.... The MEN of America need to start fighting back. We need to support each other, to rail against the misandrist dictators and their propaganda machines, to lay them low and drop their bodies in ditches.
Not enough hate from the Men's Rights Movement's Bob Allen? There's more. Read:
Bob Allen Glorifies Cop Killers, Praises Violence



Bob said...

fullEither you have incorrectly misread or are lying about The World According to Bob. It says clearly in The World According to Bob that Bob does not advocate insurrection, sedition, murder, violence, assault, or any other criminal or illegal acts. I believe you owe Bob a retraction and appology for your misstatements.

Anonymous said...

Look, Cops are bullying fascist scum across the board. The real reason someone would join the force is that they like manhandling people, wielding authority, and inspiring fear. These people otherwise would be excellent for running the electric chair. Or the gas chamber. I can't believe that anyone who is "progressive", would support them. If you are a "leftie" who does, please leave and go join the right wing. I don't want you in my ideology. A peace activist was arrested for riding a bike on the street. An unarmed immigrant is shot by the cops after they thought he was reaching for a gun. There are so many more stories like this, I can tell you about. This is not a case of a few bad apples. This is more commonplace everyday. Don't fall for the "protect and serve" crap. More things are becoming illegal every day, so more and more average people can get shafted, and the injustice sysytem can economically profit. Wake up, America. You are living in a corporate police state, where eventually the only truly legal you can do is shop. You could be turned in by a neighbor who doesn't like you even if you did nothing bad. Oh, wait, sorry, I think we are there already. What is wrong with some of you liberals who support taking guns away from citizens, but you still want the government to have guns so that they can "protect" you. Those who believe that "safety" is more important than freedom! I'm not saying this to be mean, but I'm saddened and scared by the direction this country is taken. We all deserve better than that. Look, people of the world, Either you support "equality" or "humanistic values", Or you support the gun-toting pigs. But you can't have it both ways. Protect yourselves, lazybones!! Don't say you are against "hate",and then say that the Government pigs should settle disputes by gunpoint. You are a selfish hypocrite if you think that a government pig has the obligation to "protect and serve" you,with bullying and guns) but you no obligation to protect yourself...You are a hypocrite if
you say you care about the Native American tribes who had their land taken away, but you support the government pigs,(When there was NO GOVERNMENT While the native tribes lived alone on this land!!)You are a hypocrite if you are a feminist who says she doesn't "need a man", but then asks a man to risk himself to protect her hateful ass. Again, protect yourself, lazybones!!,Or "independent! "womyn!"Again, build your own houses, scrounge for your own food,build your country, or else SHUT UP about how "Men" "are keeping you down!!" Answer these true criticisms of your hypocrisy, society, or forever hold your peace..Replies, anyone?

Robin Steele said...

...You are a hypocrite if you are a feminist who says she doesn't "need a man"
I don't need a man. But I certainly like a man. Or men.
...but then asks a man to risk himself to protect her hateful ass. Again, protect yourself, lazybones!!
I only rely on two men to protect me. Mr. Smith & Mr. Wesson.
...Again, build your own houses, scrounge for your own food...
I'd rather cash my own paycheck, and pay for them with my own money. Though I'm not above scrounging for bargains. say you care about the Native American tribes
I think the PC term is "Casino Owners."
...SHUT UP about how "Men" "are keeping you down!!" I don't remember saying men were holding me down. There was that one time with the handcuffs...
That was fun, anonymouse. Now take your meds and get back in your restraints.

Anonymous said...

"I only rely on two men to protect me. Mr. Smith & Mr. Wesson."

Men designed and created guns. Use something women created.

You could throw feces at your imaginary attackers maybe?

Bob said...

Mr. Steele. As you have been reminded earlier, Bob does not call for violence agasinst anyone. When are you going to retract your lies about Bob and apologize?

Anonymous said...

You couldn't refute my other points from my November 4th post. I proudly said that Cops are bullying fascist scum across the board. You didn't refute that. You didn't refute the statements I made that this country is being less free. You didn't refute my comment, "Either you support "equality" or "humanistic values", Or you support the gun-toting pigs." Instead, you tell me to "take my meds". I don't need meds to expose the silliness of the pig lovers of the world. You remember to take your meds! I don't have restraints either. Whatever...

Robin Steele said...

Mr. Steele... your attempt to demean me in this way doesn't make your call to violence any less objectionable.
You couldn't refute my other points...
Silly rantings shouted from the window of the "short bus" are not "points." They're laughable. Or sad. (Depending on my mood)

Anonymous said...

Free speech.

Who needs it?

I mean, you can write:

"Blue Gun Thugs", but that's ok because you are a woman, a feminist and a leftist.

You get to do whatever you want.

You make a very good case for Feminists as controlling, totalitarian, censoring fascists.

Anonymous said...

"Quit the pig-cop force and rejoin the human race. And we will THEN accept you."
Why would we want your acceptance. I can beat the shit out of anyone I want, take their money, plant drugs on them, send them to prison and screw their horny bitch wives and drink their booze while they're getting cornholed with the nightstick of a butch prison guard. Life doesn't get any better than us pigs got it. The feminazis who've got you by the balls have it great too. You're the ones whining... for good reason. You're the poor victims... you lose. chumps.

Anonymous said...

You said:
Silly rantings shouted from the window of the "short bus" are not "points."
That easily describes your blog.

Anonymous said...

Can Christ save "Robin Steele"?

Hate leads straight to hell, and Robin Steele's "womenofsteele" blog is pure hate.

In order for Robin Steele to be saved she would have to renounce her hate, repent for her sins, and make restitution to those who she has harmed.

Don't look for Robin Steele to end her sins of hate any time soon. Christ can not save a misandrist feminist. Straight to hell is where she belongs.

Paul Sielski said...

Bob Allen is a psychotic raving lunatic who hates his mother first then the mother of his children. He hates women because they have rejected him. He is a zero.

Robin, you are great

Paul said...

"Paul Sielski said...
Bob Allen is a psychotic raving lunatic who hates his mother first then the mother of his children. He hates women because they have rejected him. He is a zero.

Robin, you are great

December 23, 2007 7:40 PM"

Men and women should naturally get along extremely well, and for all but the last 70 years of recorded history, have gotten along so well that we now have over 6 Billion people on the planet.

Divorces have risen, the birth rate has fallen.

Something is seriously wrong with the current ideologies pitting women against men and men against women.

When a species reproduction rate falls or fails to reproduce, it is a sure sign of disease.

Children are an asset not a liability. Have more children, they are cheaper by the dozen!

Paul said...

Visit and get the book and help promote "TAKEN INTO CUSTODY: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family", by ACFC President Dr. Stephen Baskerville.

insideoutupsidedown said...

Hey Buddy

If you ask me is a war against people. The system makes all of us pay, men and women, moms and dad, wives and husbands, deserters and those that are abandoned. Everybody pays. The lawyers, men and women work for the money and take either side equally, men with women lawyers, women with men lawyer, women with women lawyers and men with men lawyers. All the lawyers get the money. The court gets the money. The childs lawyer gets the money. The parenting coordinator, the counselor, the ph.d who does the evaluation, everybody gets the money. And we pay and we pay and we pay to get what, what do we win. The war against mothers is just as bad as the war against fathers, it just depends who gets to the courthouse or the police station first my friend and here is another old trueism, possession is 9\10 baby. I will check out the book but remember, it an economic war just as much as a gender war or more so buddy, more so. Been there, done that and will not be the patsy again.

Paul Sielski said...

Bob Allen is a hate machine. I resent my name being associated with his at all and I stay away from blogs like his. Remember people, you are only as good as the company you keep.

Semper Fi

Paul E. Sielski, Sr.

P.S. and yes Bob there is a Junior.

Anonymous said...

Paul Sielski is a wife beating liar. A google search will show the patterns of abuse and the photos of his ex-wife that he nearly beat to death (she was 8 months pregnant at the time). Beating up women makes Paul Shitski feel like a big man!

Anonymous said...

Jim Gilchrist is not only a proven corporate fraud but also a wife beater and abuser of women in general.

Jim Gilchrist even beat and abused his own wife Sandy Gilchrist by including her by force into his own criminal corporate felony fraud tax scam.

Paul Sielski helped to bust the criminal felony fraud Jim Gilchrist and has no regrets about doing it, and will continue to stand for the truth.

Jim Gilchrist has not held a job since he went bankrupt chapter 7 in 1993 and lost his license to be called a CPA in the same year. He has not worked for a Public Accounting Firm or kept up his educational requirements since then.

Jim Gilchrist is nothing more than a low life scum, who has no regard for the law or for the truth.

Anonymous said... believes that Jim Gilchrist maybe a pedophile due to all the criminally harassing e-mails Jim Gilchrist send around trying to extort patriots into silence.

Given that Jim Gilchrist was beaten by his mom when he was a little boy, it is no little wonder that Jim Gilchrist has grown up to become an abuser of women and abuser of little boys like Tim Bueler.

Jim Gilchrist motives for joining the United States Marine Corps at the age of 17 were simple, to run away from his mother who brutally beat him. Those words came right out of Jim Gilchrist himself as reported by many patriots that Jim Gilchrist was once friends with, that he has since STABBED IN THE BACK and criminally defrauded

Anonymous said...

Sandy Gilchrist, Jim Gilchrist's sexually molested and abused wife, is just another one of Jim Gilchrist victims that he lives like a parasite off of.

Both Jim and Sandy herself, admit and have said publicly that Sandy was sexually molested repeatedly by her uncles. Other female members of her family have had the same problems.

Jim Gilchrist while recovering from alcoholism met Sandy, and decided that she is easily controllable as a prior victim, and that it would be easy to re-victimize her again to achieve his evil criminally corrupt felony corporate crime.

Anonymous said...

If you wonder why Jim Gilchrist who still has no children and yet he married Sandy Gilchrist whom he knew to have been sexually molested by her own family, well then, factor into the equation that his butt buddies Steve Eichler and Tim Bueler have no children ether. They are fixated on Hitler's history, especially the Pink gay and homosexual history of the 3rd Reich. Jim Gilchrist has lots of homosexual supporters and friends just like Vince Daniels. But hey in California.. there is nothing wrong with being gay or homosexual. So why does Jim Gilchrist bristle so much at the claim that he is homosexual? He should not protest to much, it looks like an admission. Certainly the circumstantial evidence proves that Jim Gilchrist not only hates women, but that he is homosexual. All his friends have no children. Can't reproduce, or won't because Jim Gilchrist hates women and hates children. With all the fancy degrees that Jim Gilchrist claims to have, you think that he would be capable to adopt children or have artificial insemination with someone. But Jim Gilchrist lifestyle is self chosen, and it speaks volumes that he is a criminal corporate felony fraud who self associates with other gay men that have no children.

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