Friday, November 2, 2007


DEAR BLOGGER: We believe that Bob Allen's hate speech and advocacy of violence is in direct violation of Blogger's content policy. While we respect responsible free speech we believe that The World according to Bob blog should be permanently removed from the Blogger blogging platform. Thank you.
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timetrvler said...

Robin, it needs to be left open. We don't want these guys hiding in the closet.

Sir Stu said...

Freedom of speech is one thing,and I support that, but this sort of attack on a cop who died in the course of duty is not something that I would expect any "web host" to support.

It's clearly an attack on Law and Order, on Civilisation, and in the worst possible taste. Would/do you also host a blog promoting the "aims& objectives" of Al-Qaeda?

Please remove this hateful, scurrilous blogger and let him find another hole to hide in.

stunutt "at"

Anonymous said...

Robin has nothing betteer to do than to hate all men. Hate violates that terms of Blogger. Her "Robin Steele" account on Blogger should be terminated.

Anonymous said...

After comparing the two blogs, this "Robin Steele" blog appears to be the one that is focused on hate and violates Blogger terms. The purpose of this blog appears to be that of attacking and destroying any men's blogs who object with her feminist hatred of men. The Bob Allen blog covers a wide variety of contemporary social, political, and economic issues from a men's perspective. Robin Steel, on the other hand, does nothing but spew hatred and attack others. Robin Steel should be banned from Blogger.

timetrvler said...

to Anonymous

you watch too much Jery Springa.

read Robin's blog very carefully. all of it.

Masculist Man said...

assreamer aka timetraveler; you and miss stu really need to get a clue. Didn't Steele mention gayness? Yes,she did and it seems that no closet can contain assreamer and miss stu.

Anonymous said...

It would appar that "timetrvler" and the gun thug who calls himself "Steele" are probably very familiar with "Jerry Springer." Doesn't Springer come from Philadelphia where the dead pig comes from? Timetrvler and Steele have probably appeared on the Springer freak show. Wasn't there some jerk who was led on a leash by some bitch, to kiss her feet and drink from a dog dish? These faux females belong on Springer.

Anonymous said...

I've never read such filth.
JonBenet had it coming?
And the old, just relax and enjoy it line?
This guy sounds like he's got a lot of anger towards women, and has probably raped a few himself.

Anonymous said...

This blog is typical feminist misandry. Its all about the standard feminist hate tactic of attacking and attempting to silence men who speak against feminist hate dogma. Robin Steele's violent hate blog should be removed from Blogger.

James Mendham said...

ok... free speech? Remember what that is?

Being an american citizen is advanced membership. It means screaming one's viewpoints at the top of their lungs, while someone across the street is screaming their viewpoint at the top of their lungs which happens to be a complete contradictory viewpoint.

You don't have to like the viewpoint, but you have to swallow it. Whether or not you like it, otherwise it isn't freedom, or free speech. It's fascism. Period.

(sorry I wrote this on your blog, but well... if other people read comments like I do, then they should see free speech in all its glory).

I recommend a more wholesale solution. Lets first get congress involved in all of it and abolish hate and bigotry crimes of all types.
1: No one will be able to refuse service to anyone any longer.
2: Muslims who are American can sue for discrimination.
3: All KKK members and Neo-Nazi's arrested for propogating hate crimes.
4: Slander - whether towards men, or women is punishable by 5 years in prison since it is an act of hate propogation.
5: Declarations against other nations is contrary to the Declaration of Independence which delcares that "All Men are Created Equal Under God" and therefore constitutes a hate crime, and anyone making negative commentaries against the French, or the Communist, or any derogatory statement of any kind which can shed a negative light on any segment of the world population - if we are indeed a nation under God and thus recognize that Christ Died for ALL MEN, Gentile or Jew - that we, as americans, in a nation under God cannot sustain hatred expressed in any format.

there! That should solve the hate crime situation....
therefore, either put up or shut up. Whether or not we like it, the law protects racism, sexual biase, gender wars, and class wars in our country, protected by the constiution of the United States.

I'm going to blog about this hypocrisy, because well, you're going to delete this comment because facism means deciding who can say what, and who can't say what, and that is an attack on free will which GOD wouldn't even step on, and seems to now, be the American way.

Anonymous said...

If that was "freedom of speech" I am glad that I don't live in the US. It saddens me that anyone, no matter who they are can say that women and children enjoy being degraded and destroyed.

Anonymous said...

So-called "Robin Steele" admits to using Homeland Security resources and confidential police information to attack the blogs of men and the men who write them.

Using Homeland Security resources to attack other blogs is not only a waste, it is a criminal act. "Robin Steele" claims to support law enforcement, but he does so by criminal means. If the police were doing the job they are paid for, Robin Steele would be arrested and caged. Unfortunately it appears that Bob and his ilk are right on the money when it comes to criminals in blue.

This "Robin Steele" blog appears to be in criminal violation of the Homeland Security Act, and other laws prohibiting unlawful use of confidential police information. This criminal "Robin Steele" blog should be removed from Blogger.

Anonymous said...


You are a censoring Fascist.

You are a prime example of a woman, feminist and leftist that won't tolerate dissenting opinion and thus must stomp out any and all dissent.

Free Speech?

It's sooo over-rated.

Anonymous said...

"Quit the pig-cop force and rejoin the human race. And we will THEN accept you."
Why would we want your acceptance. I can beat the shit out of anyone I want, take their money, plant drugs on them, send them to prison and screw their horny bitch wives and drink their booze while they're getting cornholed with the nightstick of a butch prison guard. Life doesn't get any better than us pigs got it. The feminazis who've got you by the balls have it great too. You're the ones whining... for good reason. You're the poor victims... you lose. chumps.

Anonymous said...

Your a lard ass sitting around in his yellow and brown stained underwear posting blogs.

I should stop by 1360 Ridge one know, where you post from. Look over your shoulder, look hard. I may not approach you in the library, I might follow you home, see where you live.

Make sure your smoke detectors work. That would suck if your house were to catch on fire and some fine upstanding citizen were to nail your doors shut. Would be a crying shame. I would be sad...then get over it in 5 or 6 seconds after I remind myself of the garbage you post.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

A.D. Kay said...

Hate speech is not protected speech. This creeps' blog needs to come down.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Hate should not be protected. Robin Steele's hate blog should come down.

Anonymous said...

I suggest Mr. Allen do two things that would advance civilization and civil rights for all future humankind; volunteer for a vasectomy and a frontal lobotomy.
This guy is right on par with the likes of Hilter and "Rev." Phelps...

Anonymous said...

What happened Steele? The majority of those polled voted in favor of keeping Bob's Blog on-line. Blogger has not deleted his blog. Can free speech have triumphed over your bigoted feminazi lies and hate?

Jackytar said...

The World According to Bob is a hate-filled piece of spew which desperately needs to be deleted.

To all the whiners (bravely anonymous, I notice - way to stand by what you say) who cry "Waaaah! Censorship! Waaaah!", I say this:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

See that? "Congress." The First Amendment says that the federal government of the United States may not make laws which restrict your freedom of speech, the press, etc. It doesn't say anything about blogs hosted by ISPs. ISPs - you know, companies, not governments - are under no obligation at all to provide you freaks with an unlimited forum in which to spew your crap. Try writing a letter with this sort of shit in it to a newspaper and see how far you get. Threatening to sue the paper for censorship will just get you laughed at; if you want to print newspapers full of hateful word-spooge, buy your own printing press and hawk your poorly-written crap on the street corner. The First Amendment says you have the right to set up your soapbox; it does not say you can hijack someone else's soapbox. You want a blog wherein you can freely spew your hateful shit, without any possibility of being shut down? Start your own ISP. Seriously. Get a spare computer, set up Apache Webserver on it and get a T1 link to AT&T or something. AT&T will happily lease such a connection to you; they're a telecom and their product is the connection, not what you do with it. Congress cannot order you to shut down unless you use your website for illegal activities - say, advocating murder, arranging drug deals, etc. And guess what - you can offer hosting to other, like-minded people, and refuse to host anyone who disagrees with you. That's your First Amendment right to free expression and free press. But this idea that Blogspot somehow "must" allow Bob et al. to vomit forth their violent, sexist crap? Wrong.

Anonymous said...

Can Christ save "Robin Steele"?

Hate leads straight to hell, and Robin Steele's "womenofsteele" blog is pure hate.

In order for Robin Steele to be saved she would have to renounce her hate, repent for her sins, and make restitution to those who she has harmed.

Don't look for Robin Steele to end her sins of hate any time soon. Christ can not save a misandrist feminist. Straight to hell is where she belongs.

Bob said...

Ms. Steelrrhoid seems to be having another hissy fit. Now she's spewing rape-hate about 8 year old boys and having another hissy fit. Real MEN like Bob and the others must drive her totally off her trolley. They just won't comply with her femdominant view of society. BOO HOO!

Fredericka said...

Bob Allen acts with total impunity and does not give a sh_t who he slams. He does not give a sh_t about real facts and does nothing to separate the delusional wannabees from the real thing. Bob Alen is a miserable excuse for a man, a human being, a son, a father, a brother you name it> His psuedo intellectualism is wasted on the gargage he spew out. Put it all together and all he does is contradict himself. I for one would love to see his blog reduced to the lowest level of clout on the internet. His comments and clear defamation of others should not be given top ranking or rating by google. Let those who want to read his sh_t go to his site but let the rest of us decent people not accidently find it because there is a word or two that has hit top billing. Bob Allen is a sad sad man who hates to be sad so he is mad instead. He thinks everyone is as miserable as he is. Robin, you do a great job standing up to him and you hold more than your own. Keep it up. You have a lot more support out here than you know.

A New Friend

Jai Jinendra said...

You know where you can go and what you can do with yourself along the way, Princess Snotty Twat!

warriorfemme said...

You're doing a great job Robin.

Thank you for taking a front line stand to expose this filth.

However, after thinking long and hard I think old filth's blog should stay up there - it and comments from various supporters both show exactly why feminism came into being and provides continuing evidence of the need for vigilance. No decent thinking person male or female would want to associate with the opinions that person posts.

Part of that necessary vigilance is that the blog be regularly exposed for critique - thank you for taking on that task.


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