Tuesday, November 6, 2007

AdBrite Terminates Account of "Masculist" Hate Blogger

MikeeUSA, the so-called "masculist" blogger who has already been banned from Cafepress and wordpress.com, has now been banned from AdBrite's advertising program.

A self-proclaimed "Men's Rights Advocate" (MRA), MikeeUSA's blog openly advocates rape & violence of women with instructions such as this

Go to the local women's group office and liquidate it (kill the feminist women
there). Wear a dark suit and drive an expensive car (these are more likely not
to be suspect). Continue destroying the people who have helped to destroy
countless of your fellow Men untill you are killed.

Turns out someone complained that MikeeUSA was in violation of the AdBrite Terms of Service, and received this excellent & responsible response from the AdBrite.

Dear Robin,

Thank you for reporting a site violating our acceptable use policy, specifically with regards to “Unacceptable Content - Promotion of violence, racial intolerance, or advocacy against any individual, group, or organization.” After reviewing the account, we have decided to voluntarily exercise our right to terminate service to the account in question. Please let us know if you have any questions or need more

Best Regards, Stan Su
Director of Client
AdBrite, “The Internet’s AdMarketplace”


Anonymous said...

Was that little someone you?
What do you have against mike?

Robin Steele said...

Who's asking?

Anonymous said...

Just an avid reader.
Please answer the question.

Anonymous said...

Show us more of the terrible things IT says. I'm sure there are more examples.

Anonymous said...

What are you planning on next?

Anonymous said...

Tell us more. Why the wait?! You don't care about your readers.

Robin Steele said...

Why don't you share your names? Aren't you proud to stand up for your beliefs? Doesn't seem very Masculist to be afraid to use your name. Seems rather Masculess.

Robin Steele said...

Show us more of the terrible things IT says.
IT? Cousin IT?

Anonymous said...

it seems that Ms. Steele has nothing betteer to do than to hate all men. Her account on Blogger should be terminated.

Robin Steele said...

MikeeUSA said:

What do I care. My life is forfit anyway as I cannot have that which I desire (nice obedient young wife or two).

I don't care if I die. What are you going to do, try to torture me?

Death To women's Rights.
Death To feminist women.
Viva Men's Liberties.

MikeeUSA: Why would we have to torture you when you're doing such a good job all by yourself?

You're a young guy with a lot going for you. You've got your whole life ahead of you. Get out of this Men's Hate mode... it's a dead end. Get some counseling. Try starting with one girl and take it from there.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Why should any girl have to deal with him and how do you know he's young and has things going for him: he sounds like a thrice (rightfully) divorced old codger of a "man".

Question: What happened to your lorena bobbit post? I was taking my time to read it but now it is gone :(. Is there somewhere to read it?

Robin Steele said...

Between the feminist network and its operatives in the police computer crimes division and Department of Homeland Security, we know who all you guys are. He's a shy college kid and electronic music geek who has trouble communicating with women. Not bad deep down, just overcompensating.

I'm not sure what you mean by "bobbit post" Is that Tolkien? Lord of the Rings?

Anonymous said...

Your homeland security department consists of google and yahoo, but regardless, tell us more of what you have dilligently dug up. Give us the dirt.

Homeland Security is fighting against Radicalized Muslims who wish to slaughter Americans.

Anonymous said...

Please give us more info.

Anonymous said...

Woman Of STEELE believes that 'applying pressure' to a 'shy college kid and electronic music geek who has trouble communicating with women' will convince him to 'Get out of this Men's Hate mode... it's a dead end. Get some counseling. Try starting with one girl and take it from there.'

The truth is that when you attack someone their resolve grows and they dig in their heels like a mule.

It's really a great assumption to say that this person isn't 'really bad deep down'. Who's to say he doesn't fully believe in Men's Liberties? How can one make the assumption that he doesn't /really/ oppose women's rights?

Is it because he produces things like programs, art, 3d graphics and it is assumed only liberal pro-women's libbers would or could do that?

If you look at his art, in his programs, anything he has done over all these years you will find anti-women's rights propaganda in all of it.

How many years of anti-women's rights campaining does it take untill you start classifying someone as truely evil?

Is a decade needed? 2 or 3 more years?

Masculist Man said...

anonymous:Question: What happened to your lorena bobbit post? I was taking my time to read it but now it is gone :(. Is there somewhere to read it?

steele:I'm not sure what you mean by "bobbit post" Is that Tolkien? Lord of the Rings?

Don't play dumb,robin.

Why did you delete it?

Anonymous said...

I have complained to AdBrite for their sexist bigotry. Many firms won't do business with a sexist bigot who shrinks his business for misandrist hate. Most firms prefer to do busienss with a large and expanding base. AdBrite has shown their anti-men bias, and needs to receive many complaints on their web site.

Robin Steele said...

Advertisers: Please support AdBrite (http://www.adbrite.com) They will work swiftly to be sure your brand doesn't appear on offensive sites.

They worked quickly to eliminate their ads not only from MikeeUSA's pro-rape site, but others on which he disgustingly displayed his own organ.

Anonymous said...

"They worked quickly to eliminate their ads not only from MikeeUSA's pro-rape site, but others on which he disgustingly displayed his own organ."

This is a lie. I've never been engaged in porn. I've never even put a picture of myself on the internet.

I do write organ music however (the keyed musical instrument). I showed a picture of a digital pipe organ that I wish to buy. I do not own it. It costs 6000 USD.

Death To women's Rights.
Viva Men's Liberties.

Anonymous said...

Hey Steele, why don't you post more of what mikeusa believes such as where he says that virgin girls who are raped by a man should be forced to marry their rapist because the Bible commands this in Deuteronomy 22! Show us that. What about the part where he rails against marital rape laws and tells men to RAPE THEIR WIVES. What about where he says that girls as young as 12 and 14 should get married to an older man because they are able to have children.

Please tell us about these things. Why didn't you investigate the blog further? There is so much anti-woman mysoginist pro man stuff in there it's rediculious. It's like Hitler and Mao and general Thran combined! (Except that they just murdered men, never tried to help men).

Do more research.

Bob said...

We are not surprised about Steelroid's lies, Mikee. Steelroid is a blue gun thug, and they are proven liars, proven in the highest court. Nothing that Steelroid ever says can be relied upon. The blue gangs are all liars.

He's a pervert psycho in blue who prowles the Internet pretending to be female and entrapping young men - and now is illegally using public facilities to spread hate against real men.

Steelroid has been pushing LIES about Bob, Mikee, and other men. Shame on him and the rest of the evil pigs in blue. May they all be elminated.

Anonymous said...

So MikeeUSA admits he put a picture of somebody else's organ on the Internet?

And that makes it OK, because it's not his?

Anonymous said...

Organ == billion key musical instrument in this case, not porn as STEELE suggests.

Also... the blog author doesn't sound like any woman I've ever read. Females have a completely diffrent way of composing their prose.

Anonymous said...

Why do you think you have the right to tell anybody else anything about how to live? You already said your life is crap, not worth living. The only thing youve accomplished is getting your pathetic websites deleted and your sorry ass self banned. you preach about husbands and wives and have never been married nor ever will at this rate. you hang out with a bunch of losers and upload crappy midi music that not even your homo friends are willing to listen to. organ music, how many shekels the bible charges rapists... how much other irrelevant crap can you spew before it gets deleted... and who cares...
we get it. you guys will says stupid offensive crap to pretend you have something to say. You can't actually engage in adult conversation, so you try to offend. We get it. now go away. delete your blogs then jump into a well or something.

Anonymous said...

"You already said your life is crap, not worth living."

Nope, my life is pretty damn good. I have almost all the material things I wish for in life. It is worth living. I just said that my life is forfeit, IE: LOST.

Why Lost? Because the purpose of life is to create more life. Since I cannot do that under my rules but must instead obey a woman to do so I am not going to fufill the purpose of life.

I'm sure this makes you happy, but there is another side to that eventuallity. If my life is forfit... well one day balance must be achieved: I must be paid somehow, someday.

As for music and media: I only started making music this year... yet your "government computers" classify me as a music geek?

All the music I make is opensource licensed under the GPL (which states that anyone can do as they wish with it, even sell it, but it and all derivitive works must remain under the GPL license). That also goes for all media I produce. I make the music not for music's sake, not for publication per-se, but for use in the opensource movement primarlly: so people have a little background tune for a game or so.

But hey, for a 1st year self taught amature... can you really criticize my tunes that much? I'm sure in your first year you outputted nothing, learned nothing, and were able to compose nothing.

As for why women and girls need to be controled: well that would be good for Men, especially non-real-men like Me.


Anonymous said...

Mikey, why do you think you got to obey a woman to pop your cherry? I can hook you up with some amish chicks i know, bro. totally submisive, great cooks, no need for makeup or jewelry or showers.

Or you can buy one of them forein wives male order from the phillipines or poland or ukrainia orsome shit. because they don't know the language or anything they don't even know the guys theyre dealing with are losers. it will be perfect for you guys. bob wont even have to rape anybody to get his rocks off. and they take visa and mc.
glad to help, bra

Anonymous said...

Men do not have "cherries".

Why do you hate the Amish?

Anonymous said...

Looser: someone who does not obey / respect / kneel in awe towards women (especially the 18+ year old women who are the only one's they are permitted to bond themselves in slavery to).

Anonymous said...

While I am too erudite, learned and successful (I owns three llcs, two GEDS and multiple DUIs) to align myself idealogically with anonymous, I agree that the mail order bride option worked for me. I've not only got a foreign wife, I've got a foreign ex-wife, two philipina pen pals, and a polish cleaning lady who lets me watch her polish the candlesticks.

-- Khrahnkynvulgar (MRA all the way!) --

Did I mention I have 3 llcs and 6 NSFs and multiple DTS's?

Anonymous said...

Men do not have "cherries".

Why do you hate the Amish?
Because they never email me back.

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