Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Woman shot by police finally subdued by TASER

According to reports from The Reno Review-Journal, police responded to 911 calls at an apartment complex in Reno on April 1, 2008 due to a woman threatening another woman with a baseball bat. When an officer arrived, neighbors told police that the woman was previously fighting with a man and then turned on another woman who was defending the man.
When the police found the woman, she was carrying a bat and was ordered to get on the ground. The woman did not comply with the officers' request and started to approach a resident. An officer then shot the woman in the lower leg. When the gunshot did not stop the woman, the officers deployed a TASER(r) electronic control device.
"After being shot, the suspect then got to her feet again, at which point she continued her attack, at which time he was tasered by other officers. The woman was subdued after being hit by TASER (ECDs)," said Reno police Sgt. Randy Riverton.

Robin Steele Completes TASER Master Instructor Training

As part of a multi-faceted personal and professional sabbatical that took me to the four corners of the world, I recently attended The TASER® Training Academy in Scottsdale, AZ. After taking the TASER M26 & X26 User Course, I went on to take the TASER M26 & X26 Instructor Course. Once completed, I reenrolled and completed both the TASER Advanced Instructor and The Master Instructor. It was fascinating, invigorating with an unbelievably knowledgeable and engaging instructional staff (thanks, guys). I had the chance to sit in on an Armorer’s Course
and even assisted on a forensic investigation following a TASER device discharge.

TASER® Training Academy provides training on the use of TASER electronic control devices and other forms of non-lethal force. Training is geared toward law enforcement officers, and correctional officers, but there's plenty on self-defense and personal use. Force options and decision making, medical issues, weapon maintenance, reporting and personal safety are also covered in the offered courses.

I even got TASERED! If you ever get the chance, definitely go to TASER academy. The life you save may be your own... or your family's.

Exciting News Coming from newly formed RSI Ventures

Robin Steele is pleased to announce the formation of Robin Steele International Ventures (RSI Ventures), an exciting entrepreneurial incubator and business launchpad providing early-stage funding, development guidance and managerial support to innovative companies that promote personal safety & empowerment, entrepreneurship, gender and social equality, violence-prevention and personal protection technology.

Please check back for exciting new investment, funding and retail franchise opportunities, coming soon.

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