Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Woman shot by police finally subdued by TASER

According to reports from The Reno Review-Journal, police responded to 911 calls at an apartment complex in Reno on April 1, 2008 due to a woman threatening another woman with a baseball bat. When an officer arrived, neighbors told police that the woman was previously fighting with a man and then turned on another woman who was defending the man.
When the police found the woman, she was carrying a bat and was ordered to get on the ground. The woman did not comply with the officers' request and started to approach a resident. An officer then shot the woman in the lower leg. When the gunshot did not stop the woman, the officers deployed a TASER(r) electronic control device.
"After being shot, the suspect then got to her feet again, at which point she continued her attack, at which time he was tasered by other officers. The woman was subdued after being hit by TASER (ECDs)," said Reno police Sgt. Randy Riverton.


Exposing Feminism said...

Hi Robin,

Welcome back, and best of luck with your new business venture.

Have you any comment to make about the post removed from your site that is archived here?


Anonymous said...

Hi Robin

You might want to check out Khankrunthebulgar's latest post. I hope they aren't your details.

I don't understand how he thinks this kind of campaign is proportionate to you getting sites shut down. You haven't made personal attacks on MRAs - even though, from the information that you shared with me, I know that you could.

It would be fair enough if Khank tried to get your site shut down for one reason or another. But this is pretty low...

I just thought I would let yourself and your readers know that not all MRAs approve of such actions. And I hope no decent MRAs will involve themselves in such a nasty campaign.

Anonymous said...

And to be fair, to add to the above, if it's true that Khankrumthebulgar's family were insulted by anybody, as I believe he has claimed, that's pretty low, too.

mezzrowjr said...

Dear Anonymous @ 9:13AM,

That was the action of Google's Administraion and abuse department made at my request. Mezz Mezzrow Jr anti-feminist blogger and webmster of the weblog U Not Gonna Like This.

"You haven't made personal attacks on MRAs - even though, from the information that you shared with me, I know that you could."

No, but she has been stalking and harassing me. That's why I did a whois on the Google domain name and contact their abuse department. If you notice that post is locked, no one can edit it, delete it or make comments to it. (link) That can only be done by the admins at Google.

If you would like to know why I did this then read my last post "Clearing my name and final thoughts." (link)

Hopefully this will fill you in about what's going on.

Respectfully Yours,

Mezz Mezzrow jr.

anti-feminist blogger
Webmaster of
U Not Gonna Like This

Robin Steele said...

Exposing Feminism said... Have you any comment to make about the post removed from your site that is archived here? EF

Hi EF. Thanks for the welcome. I haven't had time for blogging lately. I don't know what that post was offhand. I deleted a bunch of offensive stuff a coworker posted as a prank while I was gone. They got a laugh at my expense. Good for them.

Anonymous said: You might want to check out Khankrunthebulgar's latest post...
Thanks anyway, but I'll pass. I used to be amused by his delusions of sophistication and success. He sent me an email talking about rich and successful friends he has, and all their accomplishments. None of his own. As if they're transferable.

It was strange to go away and then return and look at all this with fresh eyes. He rants and raves about some comment about his family that Bob wouldn't remove, but he's the only one spreading it. That's just sad. Khranky is depressing. Though I love when he writes. in sentence. Fragments.

Who is this mezzrowjr and what's he rambling about? I've never heard of the poor guy much less stalked him. More delusions of grandeur.

Sorry I won't take the bait, fellas. Maybe it's time to grow up? Whaddya say?

Captain MRA said...

Hi Robin

I hope you don't mind but I wanted to post a comment about the site

I know that you yourself have criticised this site, and a lot of AM's members read your blog. (By the way, I am "Anonymous", above - if you hadn't already guessed).

I have a few words for some existing members of AM and possible future members. I promise that I will state only the facts and nothing potentially libellous. I feel it is necessary for me to state these facts.

I am in a position where I am warned about any attacks on my computer. During my six months as a member of Antimisandry there were two attempts to hack my computer: fact. I don't count another incident with a different computer and location. Now, yes, these hack attempts may have been just a complete coincidence. But both hack attempts (and the reason I feel justified in mentioning them in the same context as Antimisandry) came within a matter of hours of my performng certain activities linked with AM.

The first hack attempt (and we have already discussed this Robin) came within a few hours of signing a petition of Exposing Feminism: fact. I was dubious because I was informed that the petition creator would have access to the IP addresses of any person who signed it. I was on my guard, and sure enough hours later there was an attempt to access my computer through my IP address. This had never happened before.

The more recent hacking attempt came only days ago when I finally decided (against my better judgement) to upload a photo for my Antimisandry member avatar form my computer desktop. I have avoided doing this, because I really didn't want to open up my computer in this way. I logged off AM and within an hour was alerted to the presence of a hacker in my system. I took appropriate action but they may have stolen some data. I use this computer solely for my MRA adventures so thankfully there is not a lot of my personal stuff, family photos, etc in it

So the skeptics may think it was just two coincidences, but the facts are that I have only had two hack attempts on this computer. Both came within hours of the only two times I performed dubious tasks/activities at or connected to So those are the facts. Coincidence? It is possible. But I wanted to point out these odd occurences and let others make up their own minds.

Hacking is against the law. It is a vile act, in my opinion. I think how worse it could have been. I may have had no warning, like many people, and may have had a computer full of personal, private items that would be rifled through by the grubby hands of these hackers. I don't think I'll find proof. The person, if by some coincidence they are a member of AM, may have used another computer or location. However, if I do come across any of my data on the internet, some people can expect a loud knock on their front door shortly after.

I've said my piece. I hope you don't mind Robin. Being a member of might be as safe as being a member of any other site. But I have given the facts, it is up to others to decide.

By the way, Robin, if you're in the mood for a lynching, there's one going on at the moment at AM. Good old Captain MRA (again). Usual suspects, led by Witchfinder General, John Dias.

Captain MRA

Captain MRA said...

Hi Robin

I've got a confession to make. The 'hacking' occurences that I mentioned in the above post were actually due to something completely different to what I first thought.

I feel awful. I was so sure it was a hacker and had suspicions that it could have had something to do with one or more members of Antimisandry. However it turns out that it was due entirely to another problem. I apologised to the people at Antimisandry. They have forgiven me, but I wouldn't have blamed them if they had not. I would also like to apologise to yourself and your readers.

I admit, I'm a buffon and a wretch. So I'll banish myself to MRA Coventry for a while.

I hope youself and the members of Women of Steele or all well. I don't know what the weather's like where you are but it's very warm here in the UK.

Captain MRA said...

Sorry I meant "buffoon"...

But I guess it proves my point if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

There are two very funny blogs out there that appear to be making fun of Bob Allen and his The World According to Bob blog.


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