Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bob Allen Advocates Violence Against Women

The sole purpose of Bob Allen's The World according to Bob blog is to offend, threaten and advocate violence against women, the police and other targeted groups. I believe host Blogger should remove this blog from the Blogger network. Here are a few excerpts with links to the offending pages (for verification only). Caution: This content is highly offensive.

"Dead cunts don’t get custody." (link)

"...a wife who leaves her husband should be stoned....Extreme crimes require harsh punishments." (link)

"In most towns and cities there are so-called "rape crisis centers"... They should be closed and burned to the ground... The evil County Persecutors need to be impaled..." (link)

RE: teacher Erin McLean, who cheated on her husband with a student

"If anyone has a chance to plant Mrs. McLean you would be doing the world a favor." (link)

On murder victim Nicole Simpson:

"Dead whores don't get custody"

"The death of Nicole was entirely proper and warranted.... OJ should be applauded..."

"The lying family destroying whore got what she richly deserved... All good men need to retake control of our families and put our wives back into their proper places."

On a Ellen Robb murdered by her husband for asking for a divorce:

"Dead feminazi don't get 'custody.' They don't get the house, the bank account, and all the husband's future earnings for the next 15 years. Greedy bitch Ellen didn't live to enjoy the fruit of her evil. Her goal of destroying her family and reaping a big reward came to a well-deserved end in a pool of blood."

"Ms. Family destroyer should be stoned to death."

"District Persecutor Bruce Castor... is disgusting panty waste filth that should be eradicated from decent society." (link)

Freedom of Speech should not extend to those who abuse that freedom by attacking groups they do not like with threats and hate speech, and by advocating violence against them.


Anonymous said...

This is correct. The Bible doesn't allow women and girls to divorce their husband. Bob is right on the money.

Anonymous said...

The Bible, the Torah, and the Koran also say that adulterous wives should be stoned. Bob is right on that one too. Bob seems to be consistent with the main religions that have guided western thought for millennia. Who is wrong here?

Goddess Cassandra said...

Obviously, a bunch of middle-eastern bronze age goat herders are wrong here.

Nice appeal to tradition, by the by.

Anonymous said...

"Goddess"? When sows fly!

Anonymous said...

Can Christ save "Robin Steele"?

Hate leads straight to hell, and Robin Steele's "womenofsteele" blog is pure hate.

In order for Robin Steele to be saved she would have to renounce her hate, repent for her sins, and make restitution to those who she has harmed.

Don't look for Robin Steele to end her sins of hate any time soon. Christ can not save a misandrist feminist. Straight to hell is where she belongs.

Anonymous said...

As a Buddhist one of the principles taught is Karma. The Law of Cause and Effect. Feminism has promoted an Eugenics Program Abortion. As choice. Even more amazing the Founder of Planned Parenthood was for culling the population of undesireable Minorities. Especially Low income Blacks. More Black Babies are aborted in three days. Than Blacks were killed by the KKK in 100 years.

It is estimated that 50 Million US Babies have been aborted since Roe vs. Wade was upheld by the US Supreme Court. And those future Taxpayers will not be around to pay Taxes for the Boomers Social Security.

The Social Contract that exists between the Genders is broken. This week the Associated Press reported that Child Advocates are alarmed at the growing problem of Child murder. When Step Fathers and Boyfriends like with a Mother. The children are 50 times more likely to be harmed than when their Biological Father is present.

In the Mammal Animal kingdom. Especially among Predators. It is not unusual When an Alpha Male takes over a Pride or Group. To run off the old Male, kill the Cubs, and Mate with all the Females.

Ethics, Religion, Culture have all contributed along with Family Structures to protect children. As we discard these institutions a vacuum is created. And there is nothing left to fill it. So children Suffer to expand Women's choices. At the Expense of Men and Children. This is the Law of Cause and Effect in action.

Bob expresses in his own words traditions of human culture that were rational if imperfect. What we have today quite frankly is chaos.
Brought about by Feminism.


The Dharmas of Buddha forbid violence against others except in self defense. That Robin Steele stupidly thinks she can also insult my Buddhist practice, shows how much she relies on insults instead of rational and coherent arguments.

Yohan said...

Anonymous, comment #2 - The Bible, the Torah, and the Koran also say that adulterous wives should be stoned. Bob is right on that one too.

The Quran mentions stoning as punishment for married men too and not only for women - same crime, same punishment regardless to gender. Islam is not discriminating.

For Robin Steele only the woman is the victim, despite the man receives the same punishment.

What a strange 'Men's Rights Activist'is Robin Steele ...

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