Saturday, November 24, 2007

Tears & Tragedy in Unity, Maryland

Source: Howard Co. mother, 3 children fatally shot
Father believed to be killer, also found dead in park UNITY - A 43-year-old flight attendant living in Howard County and her three young children were shot to death by her ex-husband on Thanksgiving at a small park where she had gone to turn the children over to him for a visit, police said Friday. His body was found nearby, along with a rifle he apparently used to kill them and himself.

Despite a bitter and protracted divorce granted earlier this year, Gail Louise Pumphrey, of Woodbine, drove her two boys, ages 6 and 12, and her 10-year-old daughter to a pre-arranged spot so they could spend part of the holiday with their father, David Peter Brockdorff, 40. Police believe Brockdorff, an electrician who lived in Frederick, shot his ex-wife and daughter in her Ford Taurus and his two boys in the stolen Nissan Altima he drove to the Unity Park.

* * * * * * * * * *
"Brockdorff and Pumphrey were recently divorced. Court records show a lengthy criminal and civil case history for the alleged killer, including financial problems and domestic-violence allegations by his ex-wife.

"Pumphrey filed for divorce in November 2005, but the dissolution wasn't made official until January of this year, held up by protracted court disputes about custody, child support and other issues, records show.

* * * * * * * * * *

"In September, Pumphrey filed a petition for contempt of court, claiming that Brockdorff had failed to pay court-ordered child support. Last month, he was arrested and held for about a week after failing to appear at hearing, according to records. He also failed to appear this month for a subsequent hearing, records show.

"Williamowsky, reached at home Friday, said he could not remember the specifics of the domestic abuse allegations that Pumphrey brought against Brockdorff. His client never appeared to be a violent man, he said.

* * * * * * * * * *
"A judge determined that they would share legal custody of the children but that Pumphrey would have sole physical custody...

"While the couple was still married, Pumphrey won a $13,030 judgment against her husband in a Frederick County domestic violence case, according to electronic court records. More recently, she secured a protective order against him after an April court hearing. The outcome of a May hearing to extend the protective order was unclear Friday

"Brockdorff was also scheduled to appear next month in court on charges that he burglarized Pumphrey's home in November 2006. In addition to the child support, $700 in monthly court-ordered alimony and the domestic violence judgment, Brockdorff had a history of financial troubles, with liens against him dating from 1997, records show, and several recent suits by creditors totaling more than $10,000.

* * * * * * * * * *

"There have been several domestic-related killings involving children in Maryland this year.

"A Montgomery County father killed his two children in April before committing suicide. Gerardo Roque, a horse farm worker, hanged his 1-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter in Boyds, a rural area in the northern part of the county.

"In March, the remains of four young children were found in the family's townhouse in neighboring Frederick. The father's body was found hanging from a banister. The children's mother remains missing."


What a sad, sad tragedy and an unnecessary waste of life.
Hate is not the answer. When both sides strive to win, everyone loses... especially the children.
May they Rest in Peace


Anonymous said...

"Perhaps you should stop criticizing feminazies and start studying the techniques they used to create that imbalance and deploy those techniques for your cause."

Some men have suggested that and they just get banned from the men's rights boards. The men's rights activists berate them and tell them that they don't want to stoop to the level of their enemy. The native americans didn't sucessfully stoop to the level of their european invaders and look at what happened to them. The men's rights activists really need a lesson in propaganda and political action. Some men have attempted to educate them but they have gotten thrown out everytime. The men's rights movement loves to eat it's own and those who are somewhat versed in the field of human psycology.

jw said...

What to do about murder-suicide?

We cannot prevent them all, that's obvious: We can reduce the numbers, but how?

The radical MRA's want what is not possible, to use the feminist hatred of men against women. The value of male life is far too small in comparison to female life for anyone to do that.

The radical feminists want complete dehumanization of men: To treat men as the Taliban treat women. This is what is causing a goodly part of the problem.

So WHAT? What can be done?

I don't know. I can guess at a few things that might help.

A) Change family violence treatment and advocacy to gender neutral: Help all victims and teach/punish all perpetrators using the best science we have. This should drop the number of female victims (at the upper end of the violence scale) to that of male victims at the upper end of the violence scale.

B) A part of the thing is men's distrust of the family court system: We need absolute and trustworthy equality in the family courts, in family law and in reproductive law.

C) We need to end gender hatred, both misandry and misogyny.

D) We need to teach people that there are options and there is help. Right now the men do not trust that either is true and that is a part of the problem.

E) We need to teach women that men and children are not women's property. Men are people, not ATM's with legs: Children are part of both father & mother.

These will not be enough, but they are a start. The way to finish a tough task is to start!

Robin Steele said...

Anon said: The men's rights activists really need a lesson in propaganda and political action.
As I've been making this point, I've come to the conclusion that the most vocal of these MRA bloggers don't really want change, they just want to vent and play pretend activist. Those who propose practical ideas that don't require anonymity are dismissed as "manginas"

JW: You make some excellent points. Change is needed on two levels: legislative & personal. Unfair laws may have been established by "feminist" lobbyists who do not have legitimate men's rights opponents to balance their efforts. Men's rights advocates should be working to establish a legitimate advocacy group to make legislative changes.

However, the battle on the personal level has nothing to do with feminists vs. men's rights. It has to do with nasty domestic situations where love has turned to hate, in which fathers and mothers, ex-husbands & wives are bent on revenge, and hurting each other by any means necessary. That can't be solved through laws... Churches, ministers, families, friends & neighbors even should intervene or somehow help remedy the situation.

Anonymous said...

Killing the wife who was attacking him and hated him was fine. She was a traitor and his enemy. Regardless of what various religions believe it is normal and sane for someone to attack their enemy in some way, especially if that enemy is a traitor.

Killing his children and himself was wrong and difficult to understand. He must have been out of sound mind by then.

Anonymous said...

A real man won't be a slave.

Deal with it bitch!

Yohan said...

Men often try to commit suicide, they do it much more frequently and much more often successfully than females.

A study about this subject would be interesting...however suicide of men is not a topic in 'women studies' and there are no 'men studies' existing.

Nobody really cares about men committing suicide. It is not worth even an one-liner in a local newspaper.

This man however was taking others with him ...Only because of that this tragedy is reported - this does not mean however, that from now on somebody will consider, how to help men in case of problems.

Bob said...

Feminism destroyed this man's family.

Feminism allowed his psychotic ex to create a "criminal record" for him by false accusations of "domestic violence" as advised regularly by lying scum feminist attorneys.

Feminism allowed the ex to leave her husband, take his children, and still demand that he be enslaved for 20 years to pay her for doing so. That was the specific goal of feminists since the Seneca Falls Convention.

Feminism created misandrist "family" courts which give the female whatever the hell she wants and sends the man to prison.

His only real crime in this story was that he failed to also get the agent of Satan in black robes of hell who, the lieyers, and the blue gun thugs who acted as her agents to help her destroy his family. If he wasn't so traumatized by the evil that had been done to him and was thinking more clearly he would have had enough sense to take out the rest of his enemies too.

jw said...

robin steele: Yes, changing how people see one another will have an effect on the numbers. It would be silly to say anything else.

The question comes back to HOW?

Love turned into hate is a factor which theologians have discussed for centuries. All that talk and still we do not know why it happens. We've learned some things, like the opposite of love is not hate, the opposite of love is callous indifference. That we know, but big questions, we still have no answers for.

How do we get people to intervene? What should they do? Not do? These are important questions and we have no answers!

If we follow our current social meme we end creating more violence because we have a deep and pervasive social error of how we see the two sexes. That error is present in almost everyone. I've spent a LOT of time trying to get churches not to promote sexism: No one listened!

Thus, if we use church based solutions we harm male victims and let almost all female offenders go free with church blessings. DANGEROUS! Doing that causes more murder-suicides.

The thing is, when faced with a society in which you have a core social error there is no way to use social pressure to solve a problem, one must use political pressure to solve the social error first!

Our society is in a worse position in that our dominant males are more ill (have stronger social error) than the general population thus stopping us from using political pressure!

It MIGHT be that the only thing we can do is wait until our society falls apart and hope to pick up the pieces.

I do not know! We're into things wherein I've spent day after day after day driving my wife nuts with bits and pieces of social theory and still I can see no answer.

Mind you! The psychiatrists are getting scared. IF, if that passes into the other social sciences we have an opening through which it might be possible to create change.

LOL! In other words, I don't know what to do, other than suggest the political things which we know should work.

Anonymous said...

Not all Men are willing to submit to being Ass Raped in Family Courts. Marc Rudov Author or the No Nonsense Guide To Women, related what the Judge told him in his Divorce. Mr. Rudov I don't give a Damn about you.

A Divorced Man in Tyler Texas. Showed up to Court with Body Armour and an AK-47 heavily armed. He killed his Ex Wife, Three Deputies, wounded his Son. And Killed a By stander who shot at him trying to stop his rampage.

He died in a Hail of Gunfire on the Freeway in a Shoot out with Texas Rangers. Some Men refuse to be crushed by the Legal Machinery.

The Divorce Industry is massive. With Huge Financial Interests involved. Several major Fortune 500 companies are in the Remittance and Child Support Processing. Including ACS and First Data.

The Feds are Concerned that Angry Returning Vets might turn guns on the US. And are seeking to Ban US Vets from owning Guns. Now imagine that. Those who were charged with Defending the Republic are no longer trusted by its Politicians.

This Republic is screwed. What happens when Children are given to the Foster system. Well we can see how boys are treated by Lesbians.

Like the One Starved, drugged, tortured and imprisoned by Two Lesbians. So much for the system caring about our Children. This is a pack of Lies.

The murder of the Children is a tragedy. We will see more of this. As Men fight back and refuse to be destroyed by the US Sex Prison for Men.

Robin Steele said...

Jw & Yohan, you make important points, and I agree there are no easy answers. More balanced legislation can help, but it won't solve the problem. In my opinion, for many, many years the legal & social system was heavily in men's favor. Domestic abuse against wives was hushed up, not taken seriously. Men has the power in a divorce and the earning power when they left. Feminism and women's movements sought to correct this and and did a lot of good but - in my opinion - went too far in that legislation that is in place to protect legitimately endangered women is available for non-legitimate means.

I am friends with a married couple with a beautiful daughter. Neither are politically active, or involved with any cause. She's been my girlfriend for years, but he's a friend too. He cheated on her on a regular basis with an old girlfriend. They were not having problems, he just must have liked the thrill, the attention. Smiled to her face, lied on a daily basis. Many of their friends knew or suspected long before she did. When she found out, she not only felt personally betrayed but also publicly humiliated. She changed overnight from a caring, loving, devoted person into a bitter and vindictive scorned woman.

In a short amount of time she has learned how to use the legal system as a weapon. She knows how to push his buttons, to provoke him into a rage. In one argument he trashed her home office, and threw her computer out the 2nd story window. He was led out in handcuffs. Another time she had already left with her daughter and was living with a friend when she had a restraining order issued and had him removed from their house. He had 20 minutes to get his stuff and leave... he couldn't even get the eqpt he needed to run his business.

They are gasoline and a match. They are back together. I have no doubt he'll cheat again. I have no doubt that she will inflict more severe revenge on him. It's a sick game to them. Meanwhile, their daughter suffers and they're too blinded by revenge and pain to see - or care.

This isn't about Feminism or politics at the root of the problem. It's about selfishness, forgiveness, kindness, and self-entitlement. It's the ME generation on steroids. Balanced laws are needed - but they're only going to level the playing field for the game of hate.

jw said...

Again it comes back to how to undo the hate, the anger, the rage and the revenge.

We know a few things, men no longer trust the system or the women and withdraw into themselves(1). Women have a lot of trouble seeing their menfolk as fellow humans.

Our churches preach either radical rightism or radical leftism: Actually preaching the Golden Rule is almost unheard of. Our psychologists & sociologists preach radical feminism. blah blah blah It's all the same thing: No one is paying attention to what is going on, they're all our preaching their game.

I don't know what will work, so I keep on thinking hoping to find something which will work.

You talk of cheating. My wife has one on her plate. Young couple, she's cheated a few times, left him to raise the kids while she went bar hoping. She hears from a friend that he's going to take the youngest (the one that is his) and leave her. So, she files DV and Child abuse charges against him (silver bullet). Now he's on supervised visits and must take anger management. How does he feel? How does my wife feel (the one the family expects to clean up this mess that cannot be cleaned up(2))?

1: This is why a men's rally with a few people is a big rally. It is HARD to get men out for much of anything except sports/gaming etc..

2: They would have expected me, but they know I am far too ill to do much.

Anonymous said...

The War of Attrition on Men continues. Yesterday news coverage and analysis of Suicide rates amongst US Veterans shows 17 Men a Day take their lives. Due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. Mental Health Services are under funded by both Political Parties.

This is Veterans of VietNam, Korea, Gulf Wars, and Iraq. There is a serious disconnect between Supporting the Troops and what is really needed to help Men who are mentally damaged and need assistance.

Now add to that the decline of Family institutions, Churches now hostile Towards Men. And an Adversarial Family Court System. You have an explosive mixture.

The collateral Damage is the Children. This appalling scenario is being ignored. Why? To enrich the Divorce Industry that feeds on the Financial carnage of Divorce. Lawyers, Social Workers, Judges, Remittance Processing Firms. All with their hands in the cookie jar.

Meanwhile Family Life and Marriage rates are in a Free Fall. With the rate of Bastards being born increasing.

Bob said...

The same "Family Court" is responsible for 6 dead families in the past few months. How many dead men, women, and children will it take to lay the blame where it belongs?

shatteredmen said...

I have seen several reports of murder/sucide where we do not get all of the information.

Many murder/suicides are a result of false accusations of domestic
violence such as Tacoma police Chief David Brame who supposedly
killed his "battered" wife then himself. One problem, although there was a lot of evidence he was battered, there was no indication that she was until she alleged abuse midway through a heated divorce

Bob said...

As I have mentioned before, the FemiNazi war on men is very violent and destructive. Millions of men have been killed, driven to suicide, driven out into the streets as homeless drifters until they die, sent to hellhole prison till they die, and just outright murdered. The war on men and boys is arguably the most violent and destructive war in the long history of warfare. These recent cases are just examples of the massive destruction going on in our land.

Anonymous said...

In attempts to engage Feminists in a Dialog about Violence and Domestic Abuse. It is pointless to try to reason with them. First Feminists seized upon this issue as a means to get Government dollars to fund their movement. Erin Pizzey discovered this herself. The founder of the modern Shelter or Refuge Movement. When she pointed out that not addressing Violent Women would not solve the issue. Feminists and Radicals in the UK threatened to kill her and her children.

Pizzey was forced to go underground for several years and even leave the UK for a time. She has suffered greatly in her personal life for telling the truth.

Domestic Abuse is most often started by Women. RADAR has detailed data and peer reviewed studies on this. Men are reluctant to admit they are being abused. Add to this the Duluth Model which identifies a "Primary Agressor" as being the Male. And Men know a call to the police generally means they will be arrested even when they are the object of the attack.

Without offering Anger Management, and Counseling to Violent Women. Or addressing Co Dependency and Substance abuse issues. Violent Women are never able to deal with their problems.

Warren Moon the ex NFL Quarterback knows of this. He was assaulted by his wife. And he went to jail. She admitted she did the hitting and he was released. Phil Hartman the Comedian on SNL and Radio City was murdered by his Drug Abusing Coke head Third Wife Bryan Hartman. Who he was planning to leave. When she summarily executed him in his sleep and then killed herself.

Feminists cannot afford for us to solve the Domestic Abuse problem. As it would eliminate a Cash Cow that funds their movement. And would have to admit that much of their rhetoric for the last forty years is Lies. And Anti Male bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Correction Bryn Hartman sorry. For the typo. Google Erin Pizzey and read her writings. They are an eye opener. Those with a real interest in the solving the domestic abuse question. Would be welcome by Men's Rights Activists. But Feminists refuse to even admit that Women can or are violent.

Maintaining their Victimhood is more important to them than the truth. It was reported in the news yesterday that a Mother stabbed her one year old and three year old to death in a Bathroom at a Food Mart Convenience Store.

Baby Grace the young two year old found in a Box off the Coast of Galveston was identified. Her Mother admits to torturing her, drowning her and getting rid of her body. The Step Father was also involved in the abuse and murder.

Robin Steele said...

Anonymous said In attempts to engage Feminists in a Dialog about Violence and Domestic Abuse. It is pointless to try to reason with them.... Feminists cannot afford for us to solve the Domestic Abuse problem. As it would eliminate a Cash Cow that funds their movement.

Anonymous: what is the solution you propose? What practical steps are needed to correct this imbalance?

Robin Steele said...

shatteredmen said: I have seen several reports of murder/sucide where we do not get all of the information.

I agree completely. I hadn't read about Braeme, but the Maryland Thanksgiving massacre sure hints that the wife had really used the courts to her advantage, with a $13K judgement for abuse, a week in prison for missed child support, an arrest for theft. Was this guy an abusive bastard or a harrassed victim? Will the info really come out?

I think it's a problem that these issues are treated like "personal matters" and afforded too much privacy. Society needs to get involved when there are kids involved. We need more of a sense of community responsibility, like existed (or exists?) in tribal cultures.

I think the gender issue is only one dimension. What of this IL cop, Peterson? 18 domestic abuse calls to his residence in 2 years then his wife drowns in the bathtub? They don't look into it until his 2nd wife disappears? Or the PA professor who could do less than 5 years for the shotgun murder of his wife?

This is really more than a gender issue. People have got to stop seeing violence as an option, period.

Bob said...

Driving men to suicide is far worse than outright murder. Driving a man to suicide included deep emotional suffering that lasts for a long while. He suffers much worse than if she and the agents of Satan in black robes of hell had killed him outright.

Anonymous said...

We can identify one of the corrupt law firms causing these legal abuse problems in Frederick County Maryland. One is the law firm of Day and Schiszik. It is this law firm that legally abused David P Brockdorff and his family by way of Day and Schiszik's representation of Gail Louise Pumphrey Brockdorff. The law firm of Day and Schiszik used to be called Ambrose, Day and Schiszik. Ambrose is current Frederick County District Court Judge Janice Ambrose, who often hears domestic violence protection orders. So you can bet your boots, that when Mary Anne Russell Day or Keith N. Schiszik has a client in front Janice Ambrose with bogus allegations of Domestic Violence, or any matter, that the criminal fraud law firm of will get their way. Even if someone is astute enough to uncover the criminal conspiracy of DayandSchiszik's failure to disclose their clear and obvious conflict of interest, DayandSchiszik will be happy to appeal the District Judges adverse ruling or Denial, and go right to their other partner in crime, Frederick County Chief Administrative Judge G. Edward Dwyer, Jr., who will review De Novo, a new, any matter and then give a favorable ruling to the criminally corrupt law firm of DayandSchiszik. When people go before the court and are not treated fairly, they know it, and most people are only able to handle so much legal abuse. David P. Brockdorff obviously snapped. So why should family court be so stressful? Why should the Fathers of Frederick Maryland be so squeezed and pressured, via the corrupt legal practices of law firms like Keith Schiszik's law firm Ambrose, Day and Schiszik, and other corrupt officers of the court like self dealing Frederick County Chief Administrative Judge, G. Edward Dwyer, Jr.? Since when did the founding fathers of these United States even conceive to make it a crime to be a Father? Just how many favors did G. Edward Dwyer, Jr. pull for his own family members and business associates? How involved is G. Edward Dwyer, Jr. family, friends and associates involved in drug dealing and both criminal and civil court case fixing for the law firm of Ambrose Day & Schiszik or as it is now sometimes called, DayandSchiszik? Day & Schiszik also represented and currently represents the publicly known convicted husband battering fraud Kimberly Ann Horn Whitmore Sielski. Who also had a extramarital affair with Alice Zenner's husband Callix Zenner, while her son Arron Whitmore was in Alice Zenner's Day Care Program. Guess who Kimberly Ann Whitmore referred to Alice Zenner for a marital attorney while Kim was concealing her illicit and immoral affair with Alice's husband? Yep you guessed it, the law firm of Ambrose Day & Schiszik and in specific Keith N Schiszik Esq.. Of course the kingpin in this Harry W Lerch, of Lerch, Early and Brewer Chtd. Who is strangely and incestuously intertwined in all of this. While Kimberly Ann Whitmore claims Harry W. Lerch to be her Father and claims to live in one of his homes in ether Maryland or in Florida, which ever suits her legal needs of the hour, In fact, alcoholic Harry Lerch is not her father, perhaps maybe considered a nonlegal 2nd or 3rd Step Father. Harry Lerch bought Kim her freedom when his very large law firm got the attempted murder charges down to Battery, Unlawful Discharge of a Weapon, and Reckless Endangerment, in the Shooting Incident of her then husband, Steve Whitmore. Harry Lerch was appointed by Maryland Governor Ehrlic to sit on the Nominating Review Commission for Trial Judges in Montgomery and Frederick Counties. Harry Lerch, Judge Dwyer, and Keith Schiszik know each other very well, and discuss cases and the outcomes they want for the clients they have an interest in.

Bottom line is, Fathers in Frederick Maryland are squeezed to death, and the children suffer from not knowing their Father, because the Judges, and Attorneys and other hangers on of the family court take away all the money and destroy the family until it explodes in a disaster, and there is no one left to exploit for monetary gain, or until the best interests of Judges and his friends pockets are overflowing with blood money from the children's future.

Anonymous said...

This woman and mother of 2 has also snagged another widowed man with a young son. Her lies and immoral background will catch up to her, hopefully not at any of the children's expense. She lives in a typical neighborhood, is allowed to enter the school grounds, and no one knows what a psychotic woman she is! She lives in Palm City Florida, her sons are PJ and Aaron, and her step son Jarrad, who she mentally and emotionally abuses on a daily basis. Her statement among friends is that if the boyfriend doesnt start making more money, she's out of there. And onto another poor man/father. How can we spread the news about Kim's history and keep the kids safe?????

Anonymous said...

To the post speaking of Kimberly Ann Horn Whitmore Sielski on 07/21/2011 at 9:38AM. Is there any way that I could contact you? I need some information...

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