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The Gospel According to a Misogynist

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Internet misogynist MikeeUSA uses the Bible to justify his campaign of hate and advocacy of rape and violence against women. Here are some quotes from his blog and comments he's left here that prove that God created woman for man to do with what he wants.

The Bible States Men May Rape Virgins for $600

"the Bible... de-criminalizes the rape of unmarried females."

"Under Biblical Law (which is pro-Men's rights, and thus is GOOD LAW) a female's concent matters not: the penalty for rape of an unmarried virgin girl is that the man marry her, never divorce her, and pay her father some silver..."

"The price quoted in Deuteronomy has been estimated to be about 600 dollars (as of a few years ago) by Biblical scholars."

The Bible States Men May Rape Their Wives for Free

"women are given somewhere around zero rights in the Bible (just food and clothing) and it demands that women obey and submit to their husband,"

"...the Bible... demands that females OBEY their husband in all things, just as it demands that they obey God himself. Such power is not hell, it is God trying to mandate a little piece of heaven for his Men."

"There is NEVER ANY PENALTY AT ALL for a Man raping his own wife: this is his right. "

The Bible States Girls Should Marry by 14 Years Old

"the path that God has put forth for girls is marrying a Man (for Life) once she is able to have children (which usually is somewhere between the ages of 12 years old to 14 years old)"

"A girl 'on her own' is a theft committed against all Men of this world.... It is both against God's law of the Bible and against all that is benificial for Men."

The Bible States Men May Take Multiple Wives

"... Men may also wish to eventually have multiple concurrent wives (polygamy) (yes, the Bible allows this, it does NOT allow women to have multiple concurrent husbands however)."

"... men can have multiple wives but women cannot have mutiple husbands: it is stated that women may not have more then one husband at a time, no such restriction is given for men."

The Bible States That Divorce Is Solely a Man's Right

The Bible allowed a man to divorce his wife if she committed unchase acts. Like if she danced in the street naked or became a stripper etc.... No verbage in the Bible allows a woman to divorce her husband."



Anonymous said...

MikeeUSA's interpretation is mostly accurate. There are numerous web sites by Christian women who have similar views. Women should obey their husbands.

Anonymous said...

Mikee, you fail to understand that God's message is on of love, not hate. Jesus preached that we should love others as ourselves - not according to gender or even on whether we approve of their actions.
The epistles contain Christ's revolutionary message, in which women and men (and prostitutes, and the hated tax collectors etc) were treated equally.
Biblical references promote gender equality:
John 1:12: All people, men and women, have the opportunity to become children of God - presumably without regard to gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, etc.
Acts 2:1-21: At the time of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was described as entering both men and women.

Anonymous said...

John 1:12 and Acts 2:1-21 clearly wash away all of the bible, they are the only thing we need. A true Christian does not respect nor acknowlege the bible as anything more then it is: a book written by men, for men.

jw said...

The women obey husbands stuff is one of my favorite heresies.

If we take St. Paul's words literally we say St. Paul wants to apply upward pressure to: the male suicide rate, the poverty rate, the child abuse rate and the wife abuse rate. So? What the literalists are saying is the Christ through St. Paul is a source of evil. Heresy!

Now, if we say that St. Paul's words are cultural and apply to his culture only we still end up applying upward pressure on the male suicide rate and the poverty rate.

ONLY by saying St. Paul's words are the majority example for his culture do we get out of the heresy problem. Thus, St. Paul gave an example, what he thought of as the majority example in his culture.

St. Paul then expected people to be bright enough to use his example as a template to get the correct way to behave given their own situation. This matches well with Jesus' teaching style.

It also solves the matriarchy problem which has always set heads to scratching. Take the west African island Matriarchy, a near absolute matriarchy. St. Paul's words would make zero sense if applied literally to that culture. Applied as a majority example, St. Paul's words make PERFECT sense.

sorry this is so condensed ... I don't have the time to write out the full explanation.

Shattered Men said...

JW said: "If we take St. Paul's words literally we say St. Paul wants to apply upward pressure to: the male suicide rate, the poverty rate, the child abuse rate and the wife abuse rate. So? What the literalists are saying is the Christ through St. Paul is a source of evil. Heresy!"

You are right, it is heresy to say what you are saying.

How does it apply upward pressure to the male suicide rate? One of the needs for men is to be respected while women need security. If a wife submitted to her husband as the Bible commands that respect would be there. Another reason for a high suicide rate for men is divorce...not because of the broken relationship with his wife but the fact that she takes almost everything he has worked for or values, including his children.

the poverty rate, How would it increase the poverty rate? It is cheaper to pay for ONE house, not two. It is cheaper to pay one electric bill, not two. There is greater poverty for both men and women in divorce but if society honored marriage like we should, there would be far fewer divorces.

the child abuse rate: This is interesting since mothers are responsible for 2/3's of all child abuse. Biological fathers are way down on the list as live in boy friends and girlfriends are behind mothers and grandparents.

the wife abuse rate. Another interesting tidbit as unbiased research shows women are as abusive as men in personal relationships but all we hear about is abused women. Tell it to thousands of men who not only have been beaten by their wife or girlfriend, but have been arrested for being beaten. You may just want to check out what the Violence Against Women Act really does. It is responsible for breaking up more homes then any one law.

jw said...

Ken? (I assume so):

I'll look at the male suicide rate, the other problems follow from much the same.

Take a 1,000 random men over twenty and apply St. Paul's prescription literally.

Somewhere around 50 will be deeply troubled and criminal. They are incapable of following St. Paul's advice. Expecting them to do so will cause the suicide of 1 or 2 for every 10,000 men who fit this pattern.

Somewhere between 100 and 333 of our 1,000 will prefer to think in classic female ways. Of those, about 10% will be locked into thinking in classic female ways. These men, 10 to 33, will be incapable of following St. Paul's advice. Try to push it onto them and they will become deeply depressed. Many will suicide and most of the others will fall prey to substance abuse.

Somewhere between 10 and 33 will be very strong in thinking in classic male ways, but for one reason or another will fail in life. Of these almost all will fail prey to depression or substance abuse: Some of them will suicide.

There are other applicable parts of the puzzle.

No person can use St. Paul's advice literally and not EXPECT to cause some suicides in the men. No person can use St. Paul's advice literally and not EXPECT to cause some depressions and substance abuse problems.

shatteredmen said...

jw said...
Ken? (I assume so):

Yes it is ken.

JW, for background, I look at this from two different views. I am an ordained pastor so I look at this from the Biblical view but I have been a registered mental health nurse for many years so I also look at it from that side.

From the nurse side, depression is often overlooked in men. It causes one to think things are hopeless and hopeless people..well simply see no hope of things getting better. Often this hopelessness is provoked when they think no one cares about them and it is provoked by our society in many ways. Our society does tend to give the impression that males are expendable. Even many of our churches give the impression that all of the evil of society is the man's fault. I know you see this as misandry and it is and when our boys hear this and see things such as our TV and movies now show that fathers and men are idiots and women have to rescue them, these boys feel there is no hope.

This is why we need to value ALL our people....not just women and not just men. I have talked to too many women who have felt just the opposite of what men have said. Both ideals are wrong.

I have written on suicide here:

I do not have time to address all of your post but I do want to address one other thing...
"They are incapable of following St. Paul's advice."

JW, I assure you that by far the majority of men AND women can not follow Paul's advice anymore then I could follow the advice of a OB/GYN is not written to me. Paul was written to those who have trusted Jesus for the full payment for their sin. Apart from being regenerated...made new by the power of the Holy Spirit through the blood of Jesus Christ, they do not have the ability to follow Paul's advice any more then a baby would have the ability to do chores. Even Paul stated in Romans that he had problems doing it until he grew and matured Spiritually.

The first step is to have a right relationship with GOD which can be found here:

after that...God will give you the ability and desire to follow the advice Paul gave.

Anonymous said...

jw said, "Expecting them to do so will cause the suicide of 1 or 2 for every 10,000 men who fit this pattern."

That would be a significant improvement over the number of men who are driving to suicide by the destruction of their families today by feminism.

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