Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Officer Chuck Cassidy called "bad rubbish" by blogger

Veteran Police Officer Chuck Cassidy, a father of three, was killed in the line of duty. He was laid to rest today.

The alleged shooter, John Lewis, was apprehended today in a Florida homeless shelter.

It's believed Lewis shot Officer Cassidy in the head during an armed robbery. Suspect Lewis then took the time to steal the fallen officer's gun before leaving him to die.

Which of these two is the true hero?
Which is a murdering thug?

According to cop-hater "Bob Allen" who uses his vile blog to advocate violence against the police and women, John Lewis is one of the brave men defending Philadelphia from men like Chuck Cassidy. Take a breath before reading this excerpt from his recent post:

Got another one! The blue gun thug gang in Philadelphia have shot and murdered so many men that a few brave men are fighting back... Over the past few days several of the evil blue suit gang have been shot, and finally one has been killed. Gun thug Chuck Cassidy was a 25-year veteran of the gang violence against the citizens of Philadelphia. Over those years he participated in thousands of beatings and numerous shootings. He personally destroyed the lives of hundreds of men. Finally the score is evened out. Goodbye and good riddance to bad rubbish.

On his blog, Bob Allen promotes his views that Police should be rounded up and killed,
and that Wives seeking a divorce should be murdered. Some might say to ignore this lunatic's ravings & he'll go away. Unfortunately, he has stirred up a following of hate-mongers who have descended on my site to show their support for his messages. His hate speech is in clear violation of the Terms of Service of the Blogger web host service he uses. So please, vote on our poll to urge blogger to remove his site and:


We will use your comments to petition Blogger to get this dangerous hate speech off the Internet.


Rest in peace Officer Cassidy and God Bless the members of law enforcement in Philadelphia and across the nation.


Sir Stu said...

My words added to yours on the link. Hope there's lots more!


Anonymous said...

From what I've read, Cassidy had a long history of graft, corruption, and other crime. Cassidy was part of the huge corruption scandal of 1995. He was notorious for planting false coacaine evidence to convict the innocent, according to published reports. Sounds like bad rubbish is a good description.

Masculist Man said...

What is your position on male police officers who are accused by female suspects of acting inappropriate toward them?

Whom would you believe?

Anonymous said...

SCOTUS has affirmed that police officers lie all the time as a regular part of their duties. SCOUTS informed the public that we can never rely on the statements of a police officer. With the authority of SCOTUS squarly on the side that the police officer is lying, every citizen should believe the other party.

Anonymous said...

"Quit the pig-cop force and rejoin the human race. And we will THEN accept you."
Why would we want your acceptance. I can beat the shit out of anyone I want, take their money, plant drugs on them, send them to prison and screw their horny bitch wives and drink their booze while they're getting cornholed with the nightstick of a butch prison guard. Life doesn't get any better than us pigs got it. The feminazis who've got you by the balls have it great too. You're the ones whining... for good reason. You're the poor victims... you lose. chumps.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful that "Officer Cassidy" is dead. More pigs should be killed off. The human race is better off without that macho liar. I would be proud to protest his funeral. Hooray!!

Masculist Man said...

Let's turn anonymous November 10, 2007 8:10 AM over to internal affairs. I'll bet they'll just love his ass in prison and I mean that literally. Let's see him brag about getting ass fucked in prison.

Robin Steele said...

eMasc: Lee has let the "cat" out of the bag. We know you're a feminazi saying incendiary things against the police just to divide the MRM. Give it up, Masculess Woman.

MikeeUSA said...


Am I a woman too?

Anonymous said...

Can Christ save "Robin Steele"?

Hate leads straight to hell, and Robin Steele's "womenofsteele" blog is pure hate.

In order for Robin Steele to be saved she would have to renounce her hate, repent for her sins, and make restitution to those who she has harmed.

Don't look for Robin Steele to end her sins of hate any time soon. Christ can not save a misandrist feminist. Straight to hell is where she belongs.

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