Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Fund Set Up for Fallen Officer's Family

People can make donations several way:

Mail a check payable to:
The Charles Cassidy Family Memorial Trust Fund
901 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

You can also drop off donations at the following locations:

35th Police District
5960 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19141

Branches of the Philadelphia Police and Fire Credit Union at:
901 Arch Street
7604 City Avenue
8500 Henry Avenue
3338 S. Broad Street
Leo Mall, Byberry and Bustleton avenues
7500 Castor Avenue
3330 Grant Avenue
852 E. Street Rd Warminster Pa.


Anonymous said...

So Steele, what department do you work for? Are you in the Philadelphia 19th District where the protest took place a few months ago, or in one of the other districts?

Anonymous said...

If he was planting coke he was a criminal himself. I don't know if it's true or not but... when you get involved with crime... it usually eats it's own eventually.

Either way I don't think the faimly should benifit off the death of their realitive. For them it should be a time of morning, not raking in the cash.

Anonymous said...

January 2007: "You're killing me" were the last words of Mr. Donald Lewis as police assassins strangled him to death in a recent episode of COPS. When will it end?

Anonymous said...

It will end when they end.
It is happening more and more.
A well armed man needs no police protection.

Anonymous said...

start working on your last words for when i put you on COPS, you pathetic pos. When you get in a car accident and your bleeding by the side of the road, or when you hear someone breaking into your pos trailer do me a favor - call your pal Bob instead of 911.

Anonymous said...

I don't drive.
I don't live in a trailer.

Why would I?

PS: Paramedics aren't police and police can do very little to stop a robbery in progress if they are not there from the moment it begins.

Anonymous said...

All I see on COPS is black people being beaten down. You proud of that? A well armed society needs no protection, just a hope, a prayer, and a flak jacket.

Anonymous said...

COPS used to film in Albuquerque but the city was losing tourist money because people saw all the police brutality on TV and stopped coming. So, instead of stopping the police brutality the Mayor banned COPS from filming. They show too much of the day after day violent beatings and killings that go on in every cop shop.

Anonymous said...

Come on Steele. Are you going to hide behind lies forever? Tell us what is your badge number? And what precinct do you work out of?

Or are you too much of a coward to come clean?

Anonymous said...

COPS is as close to you guys get to what we do? Tell you what. Come to Philly. Be our guest, I'll show you around. I'll show you the 19th District. I'll buy you a beer at Finnegan's. You can enlighten all the boys with your views. They'll be a very attentive audience.
You'll get a great education... all for the price of a one-way ticket.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, we can't support people who enforce domestic violence, marital rape, anti-weapon laws against men.

How often do you arrest a man because his wife complained?

What about for having an illegal weapon (all men can have whatever weapons they want according to the founders of this country).

Stop doing those things and normal men won't dislike you anymore. How about protecting the men of your town from the rest of the country rather then bearing down upon them?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said, "Sorry, we can't support people who enforce domestic violence, marital rape, anti-weapon laws against men."
They police have an opportunity to do good, unfortunately they choose to do bad so often. When CPS comes in the night to carry off your children, the police are their armed thugs. When NYC destroys your marriage and takes away your children and wife, its the boys in blue who actually do their crimes against society.

So many lost families. So many lost men. So many million of hurt children.

Sorry, we can't support the violence against our society, against our families, against men, and against our children.

Bob said...

The morning news here is about a delusional man who was running about naked and unarmed in the woods near his car. Three blue gun thugs saw him coming out of the woods, opened fire and "filled him full of lead."

Will there be a fund set up for that man's family?

Anonymous said...

Where was this sad story posted?

My guess is he probably went nuts after reading Bob's lameass website. Took one for the movement.

Bob said...

Note to Anonymous pig:
Since when does "going nuts" justify execution by firing squad in the USA?

Anonymous said...

"Quit the pig-cop force and rejoin the human race. And we will THEN accept you."
Why would we want your acceptance. I can beat the shit out of anyone I want, take their money, plant drugs on them, send them to prison and screw their horny bitch wives and drink their booze while they're getting cornholed with the nightstick of a butch prison guard. Life doesn't get any better than us pigs got it. The feminazis who've got you by the balls have it great too. You're the ones whining... for good reason. You're the poor victims... you lose. chumps.

Anonymous said...

Your a lard ass sitting around in his yellow and brown stained underwear posting blogs.

I should stop by 1360 Ridge one know, where you post from. Look over your shoulder, look hard. I may not approach you in the library, I might follow you home, see where you live.

Make sure your smoke detectors work. That would suck if your house were to catch on fire and some fine upstanding citizen were to nail your doors shut. Would be a crying shame. I would be sad...then get over it in 5 or 6 seconds after I remind myself of the garbage you post.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

Anonymous said...

Bob: please come to Philly and run naked out of the woods on my shift. Pleeeze.

To the little boypals who tolerate this ignorant pos, next time you're in a crisis, being threatened or bleeding in a car wreck, please call Bob for help. I'm sure he'll be right over to do whatever it takes to help you.

Bob: Please post your phone number so they can call a brave, righteous man when they need help, one that won't shoot them since all he does is shoot his mouth.

Anonymous said...

"Be afraid, be very afraid."
I second that. Bob's so smart, he thinks he's invisible. Hey Bob: ever hear of the "Computer Crimes Division"?

Anonymous said...

I wish I could meet you for 10 seconds so I could punch you in the face and knock your fuckin teeth out. You are an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE. I hope you rot in HELL...

Anonymous said...

These recent posts are typical of the evil pig mentality that Bob writes about. Instead of protecting the public, these pigs are out to kill. Why would anyone give them ten cents? Why would anyone want them armed and dangerous in our cities?

Anonymous said...

"Your a lard ass sitting around in his yellow and brown stained underwear posting blogs."

Hey would you know that person is in yellow and brown stained underwear while posting?

Ah..I must be YOU who does that very thing his piggiefuck self.

You also are probably eating those yellow and brown stained panties you wore all last week while you just typed your verbal vomit.

MikeeUSA said...

Hey cops, if you are going to kill people, how about you kill feminist women who hate men rather then your fellow man?

You're working for your own enemy.
Do you like it when YOUR wife divorces you? When YOU cannot marry a young female of childbearing age but instead must marry an 'educated woman' who has been around a few times?

You can't enjoy that. We don't enjoy it either. How bout fixing the problem (which is not Men or our wishes and desires)?

Anonymous said...

MikeeUSA says: "Hey cops, if you are going to kill people, how about you kill feminist women who hate men rather then your fellow man?"

Mikee, more killing is not the answer and you know that. If you truly believe there is an injustice, you should try to change the system using legal means. If you oppose the laws restricting marital age, why not start a blog to advocate a change in the law? If divorce laws are unfair, why not work to change them? Apply yourself honestly to work for positive change - even if it is a longshot - and I believe you'll find your life is no longer "forfeit." Just complaining about a problem without truly working toward a feasible solution leads to despair. Why not try to transform your anger into positive action - and create a platform that you're not ashamed to put your real name on. Ultimately, you are the real victim of your current defeatist mindset.

As far as Deuteronomy goes, we are governed by the laws of our nation, states and counties, not Bible. Try changing the laws that are being upheld in our courts, not irrelevant archaic laws drafted by men of another age. Make an attempt to be rational and relevant, and you will notice more people listening to what you have to say.

MikeeUSA said...

"and create a platform that you're not ashamed to put your real name on"

I espouse the same ideology in real life that I do here on the internet: I do pen my given name to my ideas. I do not, however, give out my information on the internet.

There is only one rationality and that is to put one'self first. Deuteronomy, for Men, intersects with rationality. The Bible's laws on Men and women are to the benifit of Men, not women. It is rational for Men to support them. Only when it is completely destroyed will the Bible be of no consequence. Till then it will continue to haunt you women and, God willing, press you into the service of Men.

Death To women's Rights.
Viva Men's Liberties.

Robin Steele said...

Deuteronomy 5:6–21
17 You shall not murder.

That one slipped by you, Mikee?

MikeeUSA said...

I've not murdered anyone.

What I really care about in the Bible is the laws on men and women. I've stated this numerous times.

Robin Steele said...

Mikee said I've not murdered anyone.
But you have raped? Or just gotten your justification and shekels ready for when you work up the nerve?

What I really care about in the Bible is the laws on men and women.
It's nice to pick and choose. Too bad the Bible isn't the law, Mikee. Rape is a capital crime. In court, your Bible verses will play about as well as your midi.

MikeeUSA said...

"In court, your Bible verses will play about as well as your midi."

And this is why I wish for violence.

MikeeUSA said...

Men are the minority vote in this country. The only way we have a voice is through the crack of a gun or the silent coersion of subterfuge.

This is not our country.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye, and good riddance to bad rubbish.

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