Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Greatest Hit List

RIP Blogger Sites
Seems like many of the MRM hate sites are either falling asleep, being put to sleep, or just outgrowing the immaturity of blaming others.

FredX (RIP)

Eternal Bachelor (Comatose)
Duncan "Donuts" Idaho

Feminist Scum (comatose)

An Irishman against Feminism (comatose)


MikeeUSA wordpress (RIP)
MikeeUSA CafePress (RIP)
MikeeUSA AdBrite (RIP)

MikeeUSA blogger (coming soon)
mikeeofusa@yahoo.com email (coming soon)
mikeeofusa@yahoo.com Paypal (coming soon)
MikeeUSA Auction Ads (coming soon)
Mikee USA text link ads (coming soon)

"Bob Allen"

Bob Allen blogger (coming soon)
Bob Allen email (coming soon)

Angry Harry

Angry Harry paypal (coming soon)
Angry Harry Adsense (coming soon)
Angry Harry Amazon (coming soon)

feminist blogs


Bitch. Ph.D.