Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Greatest Hit List

RIP Blogger Sites
Seems like many of the MRM hate sites are either falling asleep, being put to sleep, or just outgrowing the immaturity of blaming others.

FredX (RIP)

Eternal Bachelor (Comatose)
Duncan "Donuts" Idaho

Feminist Scum (comatose)

An Irishman against Feminism (comatose)


MikeeUSA wordpress (RIP)
MikeeUSA CafePress (RIP)
MikeeUSA AdBrite (RIP)

MikeeUSA blogger (coming soon)
mikeeofusa@yahoo.com email (coming soon)
mikeeofusa@yahoo.com Paypal (coming soon)
MikeeUSA Auction Ads (coming soon)
Mikee USA text link ads (coming soon)

"Bob Allen"

Bob Allen blogger (coming soon)
Bob Allen email (coming soon)

Angry Harry

Angry Harry paypal (coming soon)
Angry Harry Adsense (coming soon)
Angry Harry Amazon (coming soon)


Luke Skywalker said...

I don't know if you knew this, but Fred X actually said that he might come back some day.

So my question is if Fred X comes back, will his blog go back on your hit list?

Robin Steele said...

We have a sister who's the lead trademark attorney for Lucas Films. The question is whether we'll bother putting you on the list when you're served for trademark infringement and violation of the DMCA for your blatant use of their registered trademark.

FredX is done, like Duncan Donuts and tired old men who know, deep down, what a lonely, dead end street your "movement" is heading down. Luke: you need to overcome your social awkwardness and learn how to communicate with women, not hiding behind your false bravado and fake personas.

Anonymous said...

Luke is already on the Dean's "watch list" at his college. He also has the attention of the college president. "falsely accused".

Anonymous said...

Many colleges today are widely known for illegal "speech codes" that prevent open discussion and promote misandry. I would not be surprised if any man such as Fred who opens his mouth to speak the truth soon finds himself on the black side of evil hate and illegal censorship. See www.thefire.org for more on illegal speech codes at colleges.

Anonymous said...

Why are you complaining about these blogs? All these men are doing is advocating against the oppression of women, for marriage is just that for women. You should be supporting these men and cheering on their message.

Also all heterosexual sex is rape, so stop telling guys to go out and rape women. What is wrong with you? You call yourself a feminist?

Anonymous said...

You say end the hate yet you have a hit list.

Keep shooting yourself through the foot, dear...you're just proving how much of a sham feminism is.

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