Saturday, November 3, 2007

MRA Quotes

Robin Steele
Robin Steele and her type are the feminist infiltrators giving feminism an extra leash of life by trying to emasculate men, reduce them to "victims" that they can handle (as the feminists also reduced women to victim status) and attempting to control and herd the MRM towards statist (feminist) ideals. DREX

There is good reason why many mrm's seem to lack intelligence..
That is because many of them do lack intelligence..

As for Robin being "a prominent figure in the mrm", I think that's true enough. If she is a nonentity, then she has sure figured in a lot of posts here for someone who is of no interest to the movement. Captain MRA


Women like to get thier gathering needs met so they go shopping. Men like to get their sexual needs met so they go to hookers. Masculist Man

Prostitution was legal back in the old west but then in 1910 some women's group,The Women's Temperance Union,who also made alcohol unconstitutional so that makes them 0-2,decided to illegalize prostitution and thus make men's lives a living hell for it and that is the situation we have today. Masculist Man

Laws against prostitution are feminsit hate laws. The femnags want to own and control men by restricting access to sex. They make it illegal for more feminine sisters to work the sex trades, and send men to hell for purchasing their services. Feminists hate prostitutes because they dilute female domination of men.

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