Saturday, December 8, 2007

Top Lies About Robin Steele (And the Liars Who Tell Them)

The normal pattern of my detractors is this:

1) Distort or outright lie about my (Robin Steele's) viewpoint.
2) Spread the lies and distortions on MRA blogs and forums to get others stirred up
3) Continuously attack the false or distorted viewpoints and denounce the imaginary "Feminazi Robin Steele."

Eventually, the lies backfire because the smarter MRAs, the ones who truly are interested in truth and change, eventually read what I actually say and are surprised. They might not agree with me, but they realize that they've been misled and that the real Robin Steele is much different than the Straw Woman Feminazi Robin Steele that's bandied about.

Julie from antimisandry, Exposing Feminism, Captain MRA, and others realized that they had been lied to once they read my posts directly. I've decided to put together a sort of directory of the lies and who's telling them, just to help shorten the learning curve.

Here are just a few quickies among many more out there:

THE LIAR: khankrumthebulgar posted on
THE LIE: "Robin Steele if that is her/his real name. Posted on Bob's Truth blog that I endorsed the Rape of my own daughter." and "Ms. Steele accused me of approving the molestation and Rape of my Own Daughter...." on antimisandry ""a Fake posting by Robin Steele on her blog that she made and attributed to me. That I approved of the Rape of my Daughter." and several other places.
THE TRUTH: This is a lie. Someone posted an Anonymous comment on bob's site parodying K. He attributes it to me for no other reason that he says so. I clarified it wasn't me and disavowed its content on my site. K chooses to make this false accusation across the Internet to discredit me. He never even asked Bob to remove the offending comment.
THE LIE: "I have notified the offending parties that they have slandered me... Ms. Steele claims to be a Lawyer. When I am finished with this Bitch she may be living in a Van down by the River... I will file a Bar Association complaint against Ms. Steele if she is fact a Lawyer."
THE TRUTH: Khrankybugger did not file a slander suit, did not file a Bar Association complaint and I am not living in a van down by the river. Poor man does not realize one can't slander a fictional character.

THE LIAR: khankrumthebulgar on
THE LIE: "...her calling a "Hate Site", makes her a Rabid Gender Feminist Per Se."
THE TRUTH: I never called a hate site.

THE LIAR: Bob Allen, posted here.
THE LIE: "There is a blog called Exposing Feminism, (EP)... EF is run by the same feminists who pose as Robin Steele."
THE TRUTH: False. I've never met nor know the identity of anyone at Exposing Feminism.

THE LIAR: Yohan on antimisandry
THE LIE: "She takes it as a fact, that an 8.y.o. boy is a rapist despite nothing is proven yet..."
THE TRUTH: I never said he was guilty, just charged. See for yourself at the post.
THE LIE: "A person, who calls ONLY MRAs to be liars, while feminists obviously always speak out the truth..."
THE TRUTH: Yohan freely invents this stuff. I've never said feminists always tell the truth, or discussed the subject as far as I know.
LIE: "[The link to ginmar] is the ONLY link to another website on her blog."
TRUTH: Clearly a lie. In fact, there are many links are to men's sites.

THE LIAR: Feminist Scum on antimisandry
THE LIE: "She's just one stupid bitch, probably a lesbian femcunt who hates men, who is easily ignored..."
THE TRUTH: Stupid? Maybe. Bitch? Certainly. Lesbian femcunt? Hetero femcunt. Hates men? Far from it. Easily ignored? Not likely.

THE LIAR: Luke Skywalker
THE LIE: "Her goal is to defeat the MRM, whom she refers to as "cretins". "
THE TRUTH: My goal is to save the MRM by persuading them to jettison the deadweight cretins who prevent "movement" from occuring.

THE LIAR: Feminist Scum on antimisandry
THE LIE: "What a total horse fucker."
THE TRUTH: I assure you that I have never fucked a horse. A burro is not a horse.

THE LIAR: Frostboy from Antimisandry Evidentally, Frostyboy decided to contact Robin Steele to infiltrate the secret Feminazi "Sisterhood." He sent a link to his fake feminist site called notafemcuntbut... then bragged on Antimisandry "She appears to believe that my spoof feminist blog is genuine..." and "There will be some advantages: 1. I should be able to find out in advance about plots to shut down MRA sites, and thus warn site owners. 2. When I am eventually exposed as an MRA, it will be highly embarrassing for the feminist community, especially considering how ridiculous my notafemcuntbut blog is."
THE LIE: "Robin Steele is either: A. Retarded B. Unobservant C. Retarded and unobservant..."
THE TRUTH: One of us is. You be the judge.
EPILOGUE: After seeing this post, Frostyboy claims: "Robin Steele's latest post confirms my suspicions that all along, she was aware that my half-hearted attempt to enter the "sisterhood" was a prank." FYI, Frostyboy, "Big Event" was your reaction to getting pwn'd.

THE LIARS: KellyMac, Bola, John Dias on Antimisandry re: a blogger widget question that asked: "Do MRAs advocate violence against women?"
THE LIE: KM: "She's rigged that poll, anyway, to show the no's just barely sneaking past the yes's." Bola: "She can manipulate the outcome as much as she likes... It's a shaming tactic after all..." JD: " a professional webmaster I urge you to IGNORE THIS POLL. She can record your IP address, while changing your responses..."
THE TRUTH: I actually set up the blogger widget question to give MRAs a chance to distance themselves from pro-violence nutjobs like bob and MikeeUSA. Despite the expertise of John Dias "professional webmaster," you can't record IP addresses - or edit poll results - on blogspot.

THE LIAR: paul parmenter on antimisandry
THE LIE: "...she is waging some kind of war against the men's movement, and apparently thinks she and her sistas in arms can win it. The fact is that she has about the same chance as trying to stop a tsunami by sticking a pin into it."
THE TRUTH: I'm not waging war against the MRM, I have no "sistas in arms," and don't laugh: the tsunami pin trick worked for me once.

THE LIAR: Luke Skywalker
THE LIE: "That bitch is a female supremacist and she knows it... she also used to have posts praising Lorena Bobbitt for castrating her husband. "
THE TRUTH: I believe in balance & harmony between genders, like Yin & Yang. Equality, but not "sameness." I'm clearly not a supremacist*. Luke knows I never had a post praising Lorena Bobbitt. I had a post denouncing violence being used as treated as humor. I removed the post because Luke complained about and was misrepresenting it elsewhere. As soon as I deleted it, he started complaining about its removal, and used the opportunity to lie about what it had said.

* I AM a fan of Diana Ross, though.

THE LIAR: Christianj
THE LIE: "It's a known fact that women have no concept of GOD or anything that he does... Women are only EVER interested in themselves..."
THE TRUTH: While this isn't specifically directed at Robin Steele, it represents the ridiculous statements that MRAs tolerate from each other. The Lord has stated that every one of God's children - men and women - possess the ability to know him if they open their hearts and accept Christ. Christianj believes his opinion supercedes our Savior's. Are there no Christians in the MRM? Would they rather tolerate blasphemy than speak out on behalf of the Lord?


In case anyone's interested, here's what I actually believe:

I believe that there is a serious imbalance in the family court system and in society that allows some women to unfairly use the law as a weapon against their boyfriends, husbands or ex-husbands.

I believe that fathers should be granted equal parental rights as mothers - and custody issues should be decided on an individual basis that is gender-neutral.

I believe that this imbalance may have been created as a result of feminist activists, but the women who use these weapons unfairly don’t do so out of feminism or any other idealistic notion - they are just vindictive bitches who have a gun in a knife fight.

On the practical, everyday level I don’t believe this is a gender issue - I believe it’s a human issue - people need to stop turning domestic relationships into vindictive, selfish fights that destroy their entire families. They need to grow up - stop playing victims and live up to their responsibilities - male and female, husband and wife.

On the legislative level, it IS a gender issue and will require an effective father’s and men’s rights movement to push these laws and practices back to center. It is an urgent, urgent issue that needs some serious, effective people with an organized effort.

I am an advocate for an effective men’s rights movement. Read what I say on my blog and you’ll see that my criticisms of the MRM has nothing to do with the “Men’s Rights” but with the lack of “Movement” Whining, complaining and hurling macho curses and cutesy made-up vulgarities aren’t going to prevent future tragedies. Neither will tolerating the hate speech of egotistical clowns who want to lash out with threats, but who are too “busy” to advance actual change.

I believe that the true saboteurs of the Men's rights movement are those who are simply interested in being victims, whining about their oppression under Internet Anonymity and having no real interest in working for change. Some of them are bitter and hate-filled, while others are damaged and meek. I think change will come only when the haters and whiners are banished and the focus is put on cooperation, strategy, action and results.

Does that opinion make me a feminist? I don’t know and don’t care. Why don’t I criticize women’s sites? I don’t read them. They aren’t the ones who need to get their shit together. The MRM does.


Exposing Feminism said...

Robin, this looks like you're trying to create divisions. Can you explain tthis?

Yohan said...

Top Lies About Robin Steele (And the Liars Who Tell Them)...

Robin Steele: I am an advocate for an effective men’s rights movement.

Robin Steele, you forgot to add your own name in your glorious list of liars.

No sane person, who is an advocate for men's rights keeps a friendly link to Ginmar, one of the most men-hating blogs on the web.

Robin Steele, your arguments are rather bizarre. About liars, look in a mirror.

Masculist Man said...


She's playing the victim game that she is being attacked by the "big bad MRA's" who like to push girls around as that is the image she is trying to convey. You may be right about her "divide and conquer" tactic but it won't work.

Robin Steele said...

EF: You're correct. I am dividing those who are interested in real issues and ideas from those who create distortions and then argue against their own distortions. In the end, these are the people who sabotage progress that could be acheived - even if they don't realize they're doing it.

EF: You have taken the time to read what I actually write. While you might not agree with my views or tactics, you know that 1) I do not advocate hatred for or domination over men, as Yohan implies here, and 2)I am not "playing the victim game" as MM would have people believe. I AM trying to show the division between those who consistently mislead real MRAs from real issues and true enemies of progress.

Yohan's wants you to think I preach hate. I don't.
In the comment above, Yohan chooses not to engage the issues I raise, but instead attempts to convince others that I preach hate because I have a link to a site that supposedly uses hatespeech.

I assume Yohan must not have found anything I said directly to make this false claim or he/she would have used it. So he creates a false accusation based on a link to someone else's site. He knowingly disregards links to MM's site, Chris Key's site, Men's News site even more prominently positioned.

Those who check my homepage will see that 1) My links are not positioned as endorsements, 2) I have many more links to men's sites than women's sites, 3) Yohan adds yet another example of how many pseudo-MRAs derail meaningful discussion through obvious straw man misdirection.

Masculist Man wants you to believe I'm playing the "victim game" Actually, that's a game I never learned.

The victim here is the stalled and ineffective Men's Rights Movement, which is infiltrated by internal saboteurs blocking any hope of progress. They do so by a number of ways.

First, they allude to an imaginary, vague progress (Men are rising up! Men's blogs are proliferating! Men are fed up!) when there is none. Second, they criticize anyone with reasonable, actionable views as "manginas," ensuring that only extreme, non-actionable views remain, and 3) They see opposing views as threats, so attack the arguer and distort their views until they get fed up and flee. Only Robin Steele isn't fleeing.

The Accidental Saboteurs
EF: I believe that a Men's Rights Movement must, by definition, create movement. Men's Rights Advocates must actually be Advocates to bring change, not just host forum pity parties and pseudo-masculist circle jerks. Folks like Yohan and paul parmenter may actually not see how self-destructive their attitudes are. They may be able to become real MRAs once they do. MM, bob, Mikee, Khranky are too damaged and bitter to ever change and should be marginalized and ignored by all who seek true advocacy of men's rights.

Luke Skywalker said...

"First, they allude to an imaginary, vague progress (Men are rising up! Men's blogs are proliferating! Men are fed up!) when there is none."

That's a lie.

We ARE making progress, and our blogs ARE prolifirating, and I have hard evidence of that. In fact, the biggest MRA site has a higher Alexa rank and traffic rating than the biggest feminist site now.

And other analyses show that we are doing just fine in competing with the feminists on the internet.

For the hard evidence on this subject, click

Robin Steele said...

Are you really alluding to the "Dick Masterson" joke site as the leading MRA blog?

How did your radical campus protest go? You know, the one where you turned the stereo up loud in your dorm? Did you get in as much "heck" as your last act of subversion (running down the halls)?

Anonymous said...

"How did your radical campus protest go? You know, the one where you turned the stereo up loud in your dorm? Did you get in as much "heck" as your last act of subversion (running down the halls)?"

No wonder the boy can't get laid.

Luke Skywalker said...

Feminists have been trying to spread the lie that it's a "joke site" for a while. I believe that the original lie was started by < Feministing, surprise surprise.

Its the only response they could come up with given the fact that that site is beating the feminists in the competition.

Even without that site, my point about MRM websites still stands, because I've charted everything out in the post that I've linked to, and the charts show that the sites have gone a lot farther than you ever gave them credit for.

Anonymous said...

I read the latest postings or should I say lunatic rantings by Robin the Stalinist Steele. Who is a degenerate piece of excrement.

And apparently a pathological Liar as well. My new strategy is to
ignore Her rantings. I am no longer willing to give her lies any response. She has lied repeatedly and this appears to be a tactic to divert our attention from more important matters.

My advice to all the other Men is to refuse to respond to her/him or it whatsoever. Like NYMOM she/he/it craves attention. And apparently is lurking on other Men's Rights web sites. Ignore her/he/it Steele's blog will wither with no traffic. Just another Feminist nut case.

Robin Steele said...

Anonymous said: I am no longer willing to give her lies any response.
When you claim someone is lying, you might want to actually quote the lie, then offer proof refuting it, as I do. You might gain a little more credibility than calling names and running away, Anonymous.

KellyMac said...

LOL I should search on my name more often. Robin, you say you are on the side of the MRM. Ok. I acknowledge that people can change. If you were to change just one thing about your approach, people would take you much more seriously.

Acknowledge that you did have that female supremacy stuff on your site, and that you have since removed it for whatever reason, and then I might be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Until then, nuh uh.

Robin Steele said...

KellyMac: It's funny. All of a sudden everyone is telling me what I need to do to get the approval of the Men's Rights Inactivists. Have I somehow given you the impression that I give the slightest shit what you think? Where did you get the impression that I was waiting for you to show me the hoop to jump through?

Do you honestly think that you and your MRI pals are the Men's Rights Movement? You are deluded. You stand for nothing. You will not hold your ground on a single viewpoint other than the accepted line. You are the girl on the playground who eggs on the bullies and stands by when they grind some kids teeth into the asphalt, then complain later of how brutal it all was. I've seen how you on the Antimisandry playground tear into anyone who does not conform. I've seen how you stand by silent when the most despicable and hateful things are said.

Perhaps you haven't noticed, but I'm not looking to be accepted. I'm not so desperate for a group of friends to pat me on the back each morning that I'm willing to overlook the fact that 60% of them are ouright morons, 10% are probably child molesters, and more than half of them are such lazy ass whiners I'm surprised they found anyone stupid enough to marry them in the first place. Maybe 20% of them have the intelligence to hold a conversation, but don't have the balls to state or stick to an opinion.

People keep telling me what I need to do to gain the trust of these whiners. I'm sorry if I somehow gave the impression I give a shit about the trust or approval of these Men's Rights Inactivists. I don't. And here's why I don't: they are screwed up. I am not.

KellyMac, i don't doubt that you're intelligent, but you've chosen - for your own reasons - to compromise, to abide their mediocrity for fellowship, camaraderie, to comiserate, to feel like the bully's girlfriend... for whatever reason, and that's fine. But I don't need or want it.

I prefer to call it like I see it, and blast out at 100%. During the day I compromise and kiss ass like everyone else. On my offtime, I'm on my own payroll and don't have to kiss anyone's ass or jump through hoops for the approval of idiots.

So here's the crux of it: Did that Imbra crap appear on my website? Of course it did. Did I write it or put it there? No. Do you really want the whole boring explanation? Tough shit.

I have a simple, clear and consistent message: There are serious men's rights issues that deserve action. Whining and complaining on blogs is not action. You are not an Activist if you do not believe in action. You are not part of a Movement unless there IS some movement.

The sad truth is that when all of you MRIs are attacking Robin Steele, you are really attacking the idea of doing something about injustice rather than complaining about it.

Robin Steele said...

Well, the truth about the great, mysterious IMBRA pages that indicated Robin Steele is a Feminazi in MRA clothing has been solved! The truth is out! And, sorry, it's boring.

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