Monday, December 24, 2007

"My Enchanting Rapist" by Bob Allen, MRI Hate Poet

[WARNING: HIGHLY OFFENSIVE CONTENT] Here is the second entry into the Men's Rights Inactivists (MRIs) Poetry Project. We are collecting "found poetry" posted by MRIs who pretend to be MRAs (Men's Rights Activists). Once the volume is completed, it will be offered as part of a Men's Rights fundraising drive. For a donation, we will send you a volume of MRI Hate Poetry. For a higher donation, we will NOT send you a volume of MRI Hate Poetry.

From Bob Allen's post JonBenet Never Did Get Laid:

My Enchanting Rapist

OR JonBenet Never Did Get Laid
OR, Alas, A Rape Unrequited
by Bob Allen, MRI Poet

Sex almost never hurts any female

regardless of circumstances
and usually provides physical pleasure
and emotional satisfaction.

Even when taken by force
she understands that a man
has chosen her and risked his life
for her female charms.

She is likely going to brag
about "my rapist"
for years and years,
because it’s a story about
how powerful and desirable
she was as a female.

Unfortunately for little JonBenet,
according to the published reports
her young c*nt was not large enough
to accommodate the man's organ
so he ended up
cuming in her pants
instead of
in her

What Females Want
By Bob Allen
"Found" here

When females aren't getting "raped"
they get upset and up the ante again
by becoming ever more sexual
in daily life.

It's really what they want,
a huge female desire --
despite all the rape-hate
they say in public.

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