Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Victims of Bob Allen GOOGLE AdSense Fraud Alerted

These Google Advertisers are Some of the Victims of Fraud by Bob Allen:
Cartwright, Scruggs, Fulton and Walther - Law Firm
Tazer C2 Women's Self Defense/Personal Protection
Not-Me non-profit self defense training
Myra's Productions
Crime Shield USA
Coffee Fool
Personal Safety Inc.
Wings Martial Arts Academy
OnGuard Kids
National Alert Register
Wristbands Now
Safety Gear Depot
Public Records Now

These Google Advertisers Have Demanded their Ads not Appear on Bob Allen's Site:
Beach Cities Protective Services
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
J & L Self Defense Products

HOW? Their Ads are promoted on Bob Allen's The World According to Bob
They Pay for Fraudulent Clicks.
Their image is being damaged by appearing on a hate site.
They are funding a site that promotes violence against women, law enforcement, and public officials.

What Google advertisers do?
Tell Google you do not want your ads appearing on because of click fraud and content in violation of Google policies. Request that you not be charged for any clicks originating from the site. Once done, email me at and I'll post a link to your site for free.

Bob Allen's website openly engaged in perpetuating fraud and damaging the brand equity of dozens of legitimate companies using Google Adwords. Robin Steele and others have alerted Google, and thus far Google has failed to enforce its own policies and protect its advertisers. So Robin Steele is asking you to help inform these companies that they are the victims of click fraud & should tell Google to take their ads off "The World According to Bob" and credit them for any clicks occuring on that site.

Companies Victimized by Bob Allen's Click Fraud & Violent, Hateful Content
I am sure these legitimate companies are not aware their ads are appearing on The World According to Bob, a site that not only advocates violence against women, law enforcement and individuals, but also engages in click fraud by soliciting clicks from readers with no intention of buying. Please inform these companies of this link, and suggest they contact Google to demand their ads no longer appear on this site and credit them any clicks originating from this site.

Companies that discontinue ads on Google will receive a free link on this site by emailing
Cartwright, Scruggs, Fulton and Walther
Dana Scruggs
Harold Cartwright
David Fulton

Tazer C2 Women's Self Defense/Personal Protection
Cherry Properties, LLCd/b/a 3233 E Memorial Rd. Edmond, OK 73013 Customer Service 866.478.2423

Not-Me non-profit self defense training for women & other at-risk groups
The majority of students are people in groups that are traditionally considered vulnerable or have been historically targeted for violence. These groups include but are not limited to people with physical disabilities, women, the gay and lesbian population, and racial minorities.

Myra's Productions
P. O. Box 1355 Eagar, AZ 85925

Crime Shield USA
Crime Shield, USA™ 3524 Yadkinville Rd Suite 255Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Coffee Fool

Personal Safety Inc.

Wings martial Arts Academy

The World According to Bob is a Sick World Indeed

Violent, threatening content:
Of a Santa Clara County Prosecutor, Bob wrote: "The lying whore ought to be taken out and hanged in front of the courthouse for her malicious persecution crimes."
Of Judge Lee: "Agent of Satan in black robes of Hell, Lee... must be destroyed utterly to return freedom to America."
Anonymous Comment, approved & posted: "This will never stop untill all police are executed with one bullet to the back of the head and all feminist women (witches) are burned alive untill they die."

Bob Allen openly advocates violence against police officers & women.
Bob Allen: Death Threat Against Peace Activist Robin Steele
Bob Allen: Slain Officer Called "BAD RUBBISH"
Bob Allen's Messages of Hate:
Police should be rounded up and killed
Women & Little Girls Like Getting Raped
Wives seeking a divorce should be murdered
A murdered police officer is cause for celebration
Bob Allen: Lay them low and drop their bodies in ditches

Click Fraud:
Bob Allen and his supporters post these meassages around the Internet, in violation of Google's policies:
Bob Allen is fighting to tell the truth about the Feminazi menace! Support him by going to his website and clicking on his GOOGLE ad repeatedly.The World According to BobEvery time you click he gets a little more to fight the tax-funded femnazis. Every click is like a kick in the cunt of some feminist oppressor.JOIN the MRM click EXCHANGE! We're funding men's movement!"

PLEASE TELL GOOGLE TO REMOVE YOUR ADS from, and demand that they enforce their own policy against sites that advocate hate and violence!


Bob said...

Keep it up Steele. Thousands of new people are now clicking over to The World According to Bob and learning that the usual crap the media tells them is not the only way to look at the world. Many MEN and women have told me that their lives and views are being changed.

And what's really good is that I get PAID for every click you send my way. Send thousands more. Keep it up. ROFLMAO!!!!

Robin Steele said...

Bob said: And what's really good is that I get PAID for every click you send my way. Send thousands more. Keep it up. ROFLMAO!!!!
Enjoy all you're making scamming advertisers for now. Your fraud will catch up with you. You are stealing from these companies by asking people to click on your ads. You are in violation of the prohibitions against hate speech, promoting violence against groups and individuals and excessive vulgarity and profanity.
That's not what companies are paying for. Your scamming days are numbered.

Robin Steele said...

Bob's site appears to be Google Ad-free. I am cautiously optimistic.

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