Monday, December 24, 2007

Robin Steele "Needs to be Taken Down"

Over on Masculisp Man's site, Bob Allen called for "Ms. Steele" to be "taken down."
Not my site, but me.
Although he seems semi-literate at times because of a learning disability, Bob actually writes with a very calculated and cautious cowardice. Over years of practice (He actually was named one of the Kooks of the Internet back in 2002) he has developed a way of calling for violence in ways that he can disavow later. He will call for policemen or judges to be "impaled" by mobs in the town square, thinking that he's cleverly hidden his advocacy of murder. He will glorify and honor school shooters and murderers of women, praising them for standing up against the oppressive army threatening all men, sending out his own Be All That You Can Be campaign to encourage alienated and disturbed young men into taking violent action and dying as heroes.

When he writes: "Ms Steele needs to be taken down," his words are carefully chosen to put the message out that I, not my website, should be silenced.

This is his M.O. Use military metaphors and references to Satanism to demonize opponents in the hopes of triggering the base impulses of the desperate and damaged.

Here is his comment, and my response.

Bob said...
Ms Steele needs to be taken down. She says she's a lawyer. I wonder what other lawyers, agents of Satan, and her professional customers think of that kind of hate blog?
December 22, 2007 7:39 PM

Robin Steele said...
They think I'm way too kind.They criticize me for trying to help the Men's Rights Movement get its sorry ass in gear. Most make fun of me for it. They tell me: why help people who are too lazy, self-absorbed or frightened to help themselves?

Others applaud me. They say there's no fun in oppressing men when the men make it so easy. They want a little more of a challenge, so they hope I can prod some of you to get into the game and give them a little bit of a challenge for a change.They laugh out loud when clowns like Khrank say: I have had enough abuse at the hands of Women, their enablers, Manginas and Nanny Government stealing my Money. I am sick of them... Time to kick some ass myself. And then he does NOTHING but talk some more. He's a real Texan BHNC: Big Hat, No Cahones.

They roared when Masculist Man said This bitch Steele will be sorry she ever fucked with me! and his Mini-Me Luke said Yeah! Everyone who's fucked with MM - or even petted heavily with him - has regretted it!What has he done? Assaulted me with attacks on the English language? Assailed my sensibilities?

And Bob Allen? He's hurt me the most. The free speech advocate has made my comments disappear almost as fast as Google made his fraudulent ads disappear. Almost as fast as Adbrite made Mikee's ads disappear.

I'll take the criticism of my Feminist peers, and from you MRI buffoons for one reason. There are real issues affecting Men, fathers and families in America and there are serious changes that need to be made. There are earnest men and women who are willing and able to effectively advocate for and achieve these changes. Unfortunately, they get sidetracked by the MRIs (Men's Rights Inactivists) who think that complaints with no action makes them MRAs.

Who is the real MRA - Anonymous misogynistic sel-absorbed clowns who can't point to a single achievement in FOURTEEN years... or someone who has shaken up and exposed the entire complacent zombified lot of you in a couple of months?

WHO? You tell me.


Anonymous said...


Nice one, cunt. Learn to spell in this lifetime.

BCUnderdog said...

Oh please, an MRA wants to get in a pissing match over spelling when about 98% of you guys can't string a logical, correctly spelled sentence together? That was obviously a typo.

Anonymous said...

"Oh please, an MRA wants to get in a pissing match over spelling when about 98% of you guys can't string a logical, correctly spelled sentence together?"

Of course you can't prove it, you piece of shit. Learn sentence structuring yourself. Your statement makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Keep crying like Steele cunt. It serves you perfectly well.

BCUnderdog said...

How surprising that you would have to resort to an ad hominem attack.

What I said makes perfect sense. The first anon comment was insulting Robin for not knowing how to spell. In fact, her writing is more coherent with fewer spelling errors than I have seen on MRA sites. It is obvious, to me, that the above was just a typo. Therefore she does not need to "learn to spell."

As for crying...LOL! I see Robin taking action, not crying like a poor little MRA who whines about being victimized all the time. As for me, I am just a spectator entertaining myself in my free time.

Anonymous said...

"How surprising that you would have to resort to an ad hominem attack."

HA! Fighting what you call an "ad hominem" with an ad hominem. How original.

As to the rest of your tripe of a post, where's the proof that MRAs are just whining and being victimized?? Still making no sense I see. You are still crying and have yet to justify a damn thing.

BCUnderdog said...

OK, I site as justification every single post made by every single MRA on every single MRA blog/web site. There is no way to be more specific than that because I cannot possibly cite every post within this comment.

As for "Fighting what you call an 'ad hominem' with an ad hominem," I never did so. You called me a 'piece of shit' for defending Robin's excellent spelling. LOL!!! That is an ad hominem. I never personally attacked you. So, actually it is you who makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

"OK, I 'site' as justification..."

Ahh..another misspelling from Brown Crusted Underwear. Female dementia will always prevail.

BCUnderdog said...

LOL, OK cite. This is just what I am talking about though. Why do you want to go around being the spelling police anyway?

It is unreal how rude you guys are. "Brown Crusted Underwear"? Good thing you're all just pixilated weirdos instead of actual people.

Robin Steele said...

Anonymous, you obviously missed Bob Allen's article on how men's inferior spelling ability was proof of their intellectual superiority. It was classic, as was Luke Skywalker's comment about the first dictionary being created in the 19th Century.

You should heed BCUnderdog's advice. As your likely one of the usual suspects of the Men's Rights Inactivist set, attacking me as a writer (or on any educational or intellectual front) is rather like proposing a gunfight when you only brought a penknife. But that's your call. I've been fighting battles of wits with unarmed men almost daily. And yes, my spelling has gotten sloppy, since so few of them can read anyway.

As to your request for the proof that MRAs are just whining and being victimized, it's all around you. Take a look at the two posts I wrote about Paul Parmenter's comments about me on AntiMisandry. The Eloquence of Cowardice, it was called. Check out the two-part post on Angry Harry vs. Feministing. I contrast how the women who are oppressing you got in that position - and how the men continue to do the things that keep things from changing.
In recent posts I have asked Yohan - who claims to have posted thousands of pieces of advice - he even has a blog named Masculist Advice - for links to his advice (advice being a proposed course of action) No response.
I have repeatedly asked Masculist Man - who boasts 14 years as Men's Rights Activist - for a single accomplishment in 14 years. I've asked Bob Allen, Khrankenburger, many many more. Nothing. I ask them for a course of action, specific goals. Silence.

It's so depressing that I get sarcastic just to keep myself engaged. I've got to revel in the absurdity. Read on antimisandry how Luke's big rebellious act was to play MRA audio file Mancast real loud on his computer, then lock his dormroom and run away for an hour. He never got a reaction. What's sad is that this was cause for celebration at and other boards. I couldn't believe they were serious about praising his heroism and activism.

It's so sad, it's funny, and vice versa. Not so funny when I think of fathers at the ends of their ropes, of family murder-suicides in the park on Thanksgiving, and think that the best that the bold MRAs can think to do is play their stereos loud and criticize me for typos.

So Funny, it's sad.

Anonymous said...'s so funny, it's sad. Sad that Steele bitch keeps losing arguments right and left. It's sad that cunt Steele has to make up fairy tales to sound like she's not a completely inferior being. It's sad that Steele witch has to make up a story by an "Adam" from "The AdEngage Team" to sound like she had any input as to Bob's decision to stop using ads on his site. It's sad that Steele barf is deathly afraid of the radicals in the men's movement.

You know Steele wad, it's mighty handy to have you around. It's handy that we men have your wide open mouth to use as our urinal. We keep pissing all over you and down your throat, and you keep coming back for more. LOL

So cunt bitch, you have the penknife, and we have the gunfire. Keep on entertaining us.

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