Thursday, December 6, 2007


Something outrageous happened today when I checked my post comments! There, among the daily slop bucket of illiterate drivel ("Steele is hate!" "Feminazis should be impaled!" "the tied has turned!") an intelligent comment inexplicably appeared. Upon completing the first paragraph, which contained no spelling errors, was made up of complete, intelligible sentences, and indicated the writer Phil Hubb had actually read my words, I wept. It had been so long.

So here it is, in it's entirety:

GUEST POST: Dating Advice for MRAs by Phil Hubb

The funniest thing just happened, I came over here from a men's rights blog expecting to be grossly offended by rabid misandry and got my eyes opened instead. Ms Steele's critique of the defects imbedded within much of the men's movement (or at least the online manifestation of it) was very clear headed and sincere. Now I'm sure if I read into past entries I'll find something offensive, but for a moment it reminded me of the discourse my wife and I have shared since we first met.

She was stridently feminist and I was completely and unashamedly in defense of men. We both immediately recognized that we were two sides of the same coin in a world full of paper currency. That we were both brilliant radicals in a world dominated by lazy moderates.When we met it was like walking into a room where everyone was dressed in earthtones. But I was wearing fluorescent blue and she was decked out in fluorescent pink. Naturally, we were immediately attracted to one another and though our fluorescent colors may have faded some through years of wash and wear we can still enjoy a healthy difference of opinion now and then.

It's ironic that for all our heated arguments, radicals on either end of this gender-political spectrum have more in common with one another than we do with that drab blob of society who compose the majority. We have our fundamentally radical mindsets and intellectual curiosity. We have our strong sense of purpose our idealism.

I know this isn't some "dating advice" blog, but I'll say it anyway. You unmarried, heterosexual radicals out there, if you're looking for a mate, you might want to drop your ideological shield long enough to approach the one wearing the opposite (thus complementary) fluorescent colors. Because different sides of the same coin are still the same coin, imvho.

I know none of this is very germane to Ms Steele's post, but if I just gave a couple of lonely hearted fellow radicals hope for their future personal relationships, it was worth it.

Fire at will! LOL!!
December 6, 2007 2:43 AM


Anonymous said...

Steele witch grunted:

"..the daily slop bucket of illiterate drivel.."

Steele barf, you really should stop talking about yourself and about your own posts that way. Don't you ever tire of your own ass-sniffing spew??

Robin Steele said...

Anonymous said: Steele witch grunted: "..the daily slop bucket of illiterate drivel.."
Steele barf, you really should stop talking about yourself and about your own posts that way.

I know you are, but what am I?

Robin Steele said...

I apologize to the few adults who actually visit here for that last comment.

I know it's wrong, but I'm weak.

Bob said...

Oh my gosh, I didn't see that. The Nazi Commandant at Auschwitz and the Jewish barracks leader are "Just two sides of the same coin." Why didn't I see that before?

Bob said...

Here's some better dating advice for MEN. Be yourselves, and be MEN. Most females, and all decent females want real men, not pantywaste manginas.

Back when I was dating I would not accept any feminist crapola. The first "patriarchy" or "harassment" or "abused" feminist crap that came out of her mouth she got dumped to the curb. I even took some home in the middle of the date when they started on that crap. Let the feminazi babes stay home and sit on it. A real man does not accept anti-men hate.

There are plenty of good hot babes who want a real man. They aren't going to start spewing anti-men hate at the same time they are trying to get laid, or get a good relationship. Be a real man, stand your ground, and you will have more good intelligent strong babes than you know what to do with.

Been there, done that, had to fight them off.

Anonymous said...

Vomit drinking Steele spewed:

"..but I'm weak."

See how easy it was for us to get you to admit it? Glad you finally agree. Yet another victory for the undaunted MRA team.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this is not a parody site. Much like Meant as a parody of

A new tactic of misdirection intended to divert Men. Sun Tzu and the art of War or Nicho Machiavelli's writings on how to deal with your adversary. and are constantly giving Men dating advice. Which runs contrary to their best interests. Men going their own way. Is simply following the "Invisble Hand" concept articulated by Adam Smith the Economist. Is his famous book.
"The Wealth of Nations".

Men are starting to pursue our own self interest. Doing what is best for us, rather than Women. Women are of course alarmed at the prospect. And Men interact differently than Women do.

Yohan said...

I wonder, if MRAs are in need of any 'Dating Advice' from Robin Steele and her/his? fans.

We have our own forums and we exchange openly our experiences.

MRA's know, how to go successfully their own way.

I wonder, if Robin Steele ever had a family.

Anonymous said...

"approach the one wearing the opposite (thus complementary) fluorescent colors."

Pink is not the complement to blue. Orange is the complement to blue, and green is the complement to pink (Which is just high value, low-chroma red.)

Need proof? Look at a color wheel.

Yours truly
~Nit-picky Artist

ex-boyfriend said...

Maybe in an ideal world, I could find a nice lady to be with. Deep down, I'd like to find true love and get married to someone I can talk to and grow old with. For me, the most important part of a person is on the inside - the mind and heart.
In time, looks will fade, but a creative, interesting mind and a strong sense of loyalty and honor will always set my heart ablaze.
I know that true beauty is something you feel; something you cannot see.

I'd like to have a beautiful family with beautiful children. I'd never let my family go hungry.
I'd never let anyone hurt them.
I'd sacrifice myself to protect them.
I'd never let my wife forget how beautiful she is.
I'd never let my children forget how truly special they are.

Yeah, I know what I want. I know who I am.

I also know damn well I don't live in an ideal world. However, the state of affairs right now is less than tolerable. Hell, it's disgusting.
Don't bother telling me otherwise- your voice will lose to my eyes, to reality, every time.

I ain't looking for pity here. I'm just giving you the facts.

I don't let anything get the best of me for long - I adapt.
I won't get married. I won't buy into the lie. I won't even let a relationship go on for more than a few months anymore.

Last year, I saw the light. I finally gave in to it. Tom Leykis, Duncan Idaho and the growing legion of PUA's are right.
They're right.
I don't buy into romantic BS about "true love" anymore.
Biology is biology.

It was hard for me to swallow at first. I remember the same feeling when I stopped believing in god so many years ago.

The truth does set you free, though. I can see things clearly now, and have an invigorating sense of freedom - the kind of freedom a young man like myself should feel. I find myself gazing with burning, sharp eyes at an untamed wilderness, ripe with bounty.

I sit back, and take in the heartbeat of existence; content in knowing I have no purpose but my own.

A future husband has died, and has been reborn a Man Going His Own Way.

No one laments this and no one should.

It is the march of life.

You might be a good person, but frankly, I don't trust you, and I have a sneaking suspicion Phil Hubb is a figment of your imagination.
Either way, with or without your support, I'm going to make my contributions to the MRM. I'm also going to keep speaking out against the neocons, against the military-industrial complex, against war with Iran, against corporate abuses, against pollution, and yes, against feminism.

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