Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Contradictions of Robin Steele, Men's Rights Activist

I have private dialogues with about half a dozen or more of you who have seen past the contentions that I am simply the man-hating feminazi oppressor that the MRI (Men's Rights Inactivists) claim I am. But they are still suspicious, or at least perplexed.

If Robin Steele is truly a peace advocate, why doesn't she sign petitions
against websites that say bad things about men when we ask her to? Why
doesn't she jump through the hoops when those attacking her ask her
to? How can she be claim to be an MRA when she attacks Bob
Allen, Masculist Man and other staples of the so-called MRM boys club?

About the petitions, hoop-jumping and other tests of my MRAness: Call me arrogant, but I don't let others set my agenda.

I have a very clear and consistent message that I've been hammering out with the belief that those who are actually interested in changing things - rather than just complaining - will realize it and separate themselves from the rest.

I am focusing on Bob Allen for two reasons. First, I believe that to truly create change the MRM must have a truly ethical and morally defensive platform. It's easy to bash feminists, but it takes backbone and moral integrity to stand up against those with whom you agree on three out of five points, and not disregard the two areas of moral disagreement. Otherwise your creating a multi-headed beast that cannot advance in a single direction. Men cannot argue for fairness and justice, yet tolerate hatespeech and pro-violence rhetoric from those they allow to represent themselves as MRAs. If I WERE a feminist - like some of my colleagues - I'd have a field day discrediting a movement by focusing on easy targets like Bob, Mikee, Mascman. Basic political tactics 101.

The second reason for my focus on Bob Allen is to provide an example - albeit a small scale example - of how real activists get things done. I set a specific, acheivable goal: Get Google ads off Bob's site. I identified his weaknesses: his violation of the site content and click fraud policies. I hammered, hammered, hammered at it. When Google didn't respond I went to the advertisers. I hammered, hammered, hammered at it until I won. I would have kept hammering at it if it took a year. Two years. Why? Because that's how you get things done. That's how you create change.

I didn't have a doubt that I would succeed. Why? Because I was right. He was wrong. And that brings us around to the first point... The MRM can do the same thing to create changes in men's rights... pick specific goals, specific battles, and hammer, hammer, hammer... But you can only do that if you are RIGHT. And that's why the MRM must ferret out the haters, the whiners, the perverts and psychopaths in their midst
Happy holidays... stay strong...


Anonymous said...

And with all this horseshit you're babbling about, you still have not accomplished a single thing. Having advertisers withdrawn that were immediately replaced as easily as breathing?? *smirk*

We're waiting for tangibles from you, garbage girl.

Maybe in THIS lifetime...??

Anonymous said...

The MRM does try to ferret out the haters, psycopaths, and sick fucks. The problem is that those haters, psycopaths, and sick fucks have people who are knowlegable about how to use technology on their team who are able to pry open the gates of ban time and time again. MRAs are respectible men that wish to have long term relationships with _adult_ _mature_ and _intelligent_ women. We hate those who want to have sex with teenaged girls or bond them into slavery but every time we ban them they break through. What more can we do?

Robin Steele said...

Anonymous said: The MRM does try to ferret out the haters, psycopaths, and sick fucks. The problem is that those haters, psycopaths, and sick fucks...
I don't see it.
The only one I've seen them reject is the masochistic MikeeUSA who goes out of his way to alienate everyone as quickly as possible.
Bob Allen, Masculist Man, Khrankembugger and losers like them are linked to and allowed to spew their adolescent, girl-hating nonsense freely. However, someone who mentions an alternative viewpoint - something as radical as gender equality - is almost immediately attacked as a "mangina" or Feminist apologist., for example, has some intelligent, articulate people and probably had many more come and go. Because there's no strong moderator, guiding philosophy and because they have allowed the psychos and bullies to dominate their playground, it's just a moronic bitchfest instead of a launchpad for change.

Anonymous said...

"The MRM does try to ferret out the haters, psycopaths, and sick fucks."

We don't have to ferret out anything. Robin Steel stands out like a sore thumb. When someone is as bad of a psychopathic hater and general sick fuck as Robin Steele, it is plainly obvious to all.

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