Thursday, December 27, 2007

Glenn Sacks, Robin Steele "two most sane" MRAs

It's official!

Glenn Sacks & Robin Steele have been named "the two most sane self-identified MRAs."

According to his website, Glenn Sacks is a men's and fathers' issues newspaper columnist, radio commentator, and blogger. Glenn's columns have appeared in dozens of the largest newspapers in the United States. His radio commentaries appear daily on KLAA AM 830 in Los Angeles. He has made hundreds of radio and TV appearances, and is often quoted in major publications. To learn more about Glenn, see his biography here.

From the fact sheet issued by Robin Steele's press office: While it took Glenn Sacks nearly a decade and hundreds of articles and radio broadcasts to earn this recognition, Robin Steele was able to achieve this significant milestone in less than three months.

Robin Steele is an attorney and Men's Rights Activist who burst upon the scene in October, 2007 with her immediately controversial and influential Robin Steele blog (

The celebrated blog was actually created during a blogging lesson by a radical Feminist co-worker (Athena Y). During an off-hours blogging lesson (in which two bottles of Shiraz lost their lives), Athena Y taught Robin Steele about blogging by walking her through the process of building a hosted "Blogger" blogspot blog. Athena Y and other female colleagues often chided Robin for her pro-Men's Rights views and advocacy, so as she built the site Athena Y jokingly populated it with radical feminist propaganda, pro-IMBRA messages and insults to the men's rights cause Robin fervently supports. "That's how you'll get some quick traffic," joked Athena Y.

Athena Y was right, not only because of the original anti-male posts (which Robin removed as soon as she learned how), but also because of Robin's outspoken criticism of the lack of organization, initiative and effectiveness of those who call themselves Men's Rights Activists (MRAs) but Robin refers to as MRIs (Men's Rights Inactivists). The MRIs actively refer to the original bogus posts and invented statements to deflect Robin's steely criticism and brand her as one of their imagined Feminazi Oppressors. Though she's been locked out of RS's accounts, Athena Y and her feminist friends continue to stir up controversy by posting feminist comments on the 'net under Robin's name.

Robin Steele wishes to congratulate co-recipient Glenn Sacks on his award of fellow "most sane self-identified MRAs."

She looks forward to reading more of his blog and seeing him at mutual speaking engagements in 2008.

Robin Steele wishes to thank Ampersand and the Academy members at Alas, A Blog for bestowing this heartfelt and important honor.

Robin Steele especially wishes to thank the University of Colorado, whose generous $2.5 million grant prompted the post and commentary that made this award to Glenn Sacks & Robin Steele possible.

Let's make 2008 the year we put the MOVE into the Men's Rights Movement.

Robin Steele, Esq.

You may find the award details and bulleted sentence at Alas, A Blog, near the end:

IMO, Glenn Sacks and Robin Steele are the two most sane self-identified MRAs.


Exposing Feminism said...

Congratulations, Robin!

How do you plan to use this new found notoriety to promote mens rights - for example, what do you consider the best way to address anti male bias in marital separation and child access legislation?

I look forward to your hearing your views!


Anonymous said...

EF, you want answers from Robin Steele? Forget it, she's too busy inventing fairy-tales. Although, I'm a bit disappointed it took her almost 3 weeks to come up with this one about some bottles of Shiraz and her alter ego Athena Y taking physical form beside her... ;-)

Real MRA said...

LOL Right you are. She's become delusional. A few weeks ago Steele singed a post "Athena Y" when she was logged in as "Steele." Athena is another of Steele's split personality disorder names. She liberally quotes herself (Athena) and pretends that it's somebody else applauding. She doesn't seem to know the difference any more. Delusional, confused about reality, and serious schizophrenic episodes. She really needs to get some help.

real mra said...

Its not hard to see why the feminist fagots would like Steele and think GS is the best MRA.

Congratulations, Steele, you've got the fag vote. LOLOL

Anonymous said...

Steele - an ego the size of Nebraska, fuelled by the spirits of Shiraz... her writing style always sounds like that.

Robin Steele said...

Anonymouses: Sure. I made up that boring story. And why? Because I am so eager to gain your approval. Because I value your opinion of me. Because I really want to be accepted on the MRI playground. Please take me in. I'm tired of having to be responsible for my own life. I want to bask in the warmth of victimhood, of knowing I'll never be challenged to take action, of knowing that as long as I tolerate hate, and whining, and group ignorance, I'll never be challenged at all. Please take me in!
I want to live on the MRI playground... where all you have to do is play your stereo loud in your dorm room, like Luke, to be praised as a fierce men's activist.
I want to live on the MRI playground... where anyone with a different viewpoint (like the outrageous notion of equal rights for of all) is immediately branded as a "mangina" and "feminist fagot."
I want to use cool made up names like Feminazi and Mangina, and get a neato WWF-like name like Masculist Man, or Timberwolf, or Luke Skywalker (is Hand Solo taken, or are you all using that?).
But most of all, I want to a Men's Rights Inactivist leader like Masculist Man, who can boast 14 years of inactivism without a single accomplishment, like Bob "Dude, where's my ads?" Allen and MikeeUSA, who've been banned from service after service for being morons, and for all of you, who are free from the responsibility and expectations that come with honest, rational thought.
Please take me in. This sanity gets tiring.

Exposing Feminism said...


It seems as if you are trying to introduce direction and accountability to our movement, and I think this should be applauded! Had feminists done the same, we would not be in this situation now! It is also interesting that you highlight percieved notions of victimhood as a destructive force - isn't that what feminism has become?

However, it seems as if we are getting derailed here. We should not be arguing about personalities.

It is clear that we are approaching a time when we should set out some clear universally accepted goals for the Mens Rights Movement.

And so, Robin - would you care to make any suggestions to this aim?

Robin Steele said...

The first aim is to stop focusing on the destructive forces OVER THERE and take a hard look at the destructive forces RIGHT HERE... in our midst.

As I have been preaching, the divisive, self-defeating forces that are keeping the Men's Rights Movement from moving is not primarily external adversaries, but internal adversaries, saboteurs, MRIs masquerading as MRAs. The first step is defining a list of core beliefs that define the Men's Rights Movement. Let's start with ten beliefs. Or 5 beliefs, even. And those who do not agree with those beliefs, at the end of the process, should not identify themselves as part of the MRM.

I am not an expert on this, and I am not wanting to be the first leader of the MRM, as some have suggested. I believe that should be a man. What do you think some of the primary, core beliefs should be?

You have stated that equal rights for both genders is one, correct?

You have stated that opposition to rape and violence, regardless of gender, would be another, correct?

Exposing Feminism said...

You are absolutely correct in your summary of the core of our aims, Robin.

Allow me to suggest one of your five objectives!

Many DV support organisations have been proven to be aggressively anti-male and not supportive of both genders as victims of abuse.

Would you agree with with this? If so, how would you suggest this is addressed?

Robin Steele said...

exposing feminism said It seems as if you are trying to introduce direction and accountability to our movement, and I think this should be applauded! Had feminists done the same, we would not be in this situation now!
I think you have it backwards. Feminists did introduce direction and accountability to THEIR movement and achieved their aims. They were too successful, as there were no effective men's advocacy lobby to keep their efforts from encroaching on men's tights. There still isn't.
exposing feminism said However, it seems as if we are getting derailed here. We should not be arguing about personalities.
The MRIs are threatened by the ideas that I am promoting, namely that to call yourself an Activist should require a focus on Action, and to be part of a Movement requires that there BE some, preferably forward. They are the ones who continually make this about Robin Steele, to distract from the issues.

Luke, Fidelbogen, FrostyBoy and others have fallen all over themselves to concoct conspiracy theories to attack me. Bob Allen, Khranbooger, and others have shown their complete lack of integrity and untrustworthiness by trying to disclose my true identity and attack my alleged career and company. In doing so, they attack the reputation of a woman and publicly traded firm that has nothing to do with any of this.

Why do they not, instead, attack the credibility of my argument that they are neither Activists nor part of a Movement? Hmmm...

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