Thursday, December 13, 2007

Men's Rights Activist Robin Steele... Exposed!!!

The game is up! The real Robin Steele has been exposed! The hours and hours of hard detective work, late nights, clandestine meetings with shadowy operatives and nervous informants, tireless research and undercover investigations by the Woodward & Bernsteins of the MRA, Luke Skywalker and Fidelbogen, have paid off.

These exposes are a huge win for those intent on distorting the views of Robin Steele, which are designed to undermine the current MRM culture of inaction, stagnation and windbag worship. KUDOS to Luke and Fidel, inspiring young MRAs so proud to be carrying the MRM banner down the road to nowhere like their heroes Masculisp Man, Blob Allen, Khrankybugger, Duncan Donuts and more...

Luke Skywalker Ascends to MM's Lap with his Seminal Work
Young Luke Skywalker has earned the right to grasp and raise high MMs masculist lightsaber with his unbelievably thorough two-part expose. Although his contentions are as incorrect and they are insignificant, the MRM's young Jedi knight is all aflutter, basking in the admiration of his peers and prominent praise and a link on the site of his mentor Masculist Man(!).

Robin Steele Exposed — Part 1: Steele LIED About MRM Websites
Robin Steele Exposed — Part 2

The critics rave about "Robin Steele Exposed:
ChristianJ raves: "Well done..."

Simon sez: "Good work, Luke"

Masculist Man proclaims: "Way to nail her hide to the wall, Luke."

Timberwolf raves: "Excellent job Luke! Absolutely stellar! An excellent piece of investigation!"

Simon again sez: "Excellent work my friend."

bob screams with delight: "Good article."

Masculist Man reiterates: "Great expose, Luke. Way to nail her hide to the wall."

Michael opines: "Thank you for the investigation, Luke."

NotNOW raves: "This is all very interesting.... Very Very Interesting."

ChristianJ again exclaims: "Good effort…"


FidelBogen's Unintelligible "A Detective Story of Sorts" Gets Two WTFs Up!

Not to be outdone, FidelBogen, a hard-hitting investigative reporter known as a leader in journalistic pseudointellectual unintelligibility and owner of the Feminist Counter blog, has posted his best work to date... a masterpiece so unintelligible it is a sure Pulitzer contender in the contentious MRA/WTF? category.

Fidel (who named himself after the Cuban socialist dictator he physically resembles) makes the groundbreaking revelation that a 3rd conspirator Biron Sleete (purportedly Masculist Man's Carl Rove) secretly worked with Masculist Man to fabricate posts (known as the hanky-panky-pants-on-fire files) in order to discredit Robin Steele. Or maybe he's contending Masculist Man IS Robin Steele. OR maybe he's... well, you have to read it to not understand it fully:

Fidelbogen's A Detective Story of Sorts:

Although no one actually praised "A Detective Story of Sorts," if they had, they'd have surely called it one of the season's "must-read exposes" on Men's Rights Activist Robin Steele, a "Wildly babbling tour de force," an "incredible lot of words" and more:

Anonymous raved: "More solid proof (with screenshots) at this website..."

Anonymous proclaimed: "Let everyone read this post too. Biron Sleete is a fraud."

Kuuenbu exhorted: "Definitely a revealing post... I personally don't think they help the "comic book guy" image that the MRM currently suffers from."

Anonymous exclaimed: "Yes Robin Steele's game is unraveling... She has been punked."

Marx ejaculated: "Good detective work there, Mr. Fidel."

bola exhorted: "Great research."

And Percy boldly pronounced: "The moral is - don't fiddle when FidelB is on the case!"

Bit of trivia about Fidelbogen: FidelB was delighted to learn that his brilliant treatise The Pragmatic Evolution of Terminologies, is being read aloud in the homeland of his hero, Fidel Castro! In CIA documents leaked earlier this year it was revealed Fidelbogen's treatise is being read to the interrogation prisoners who were able to resist waterboarding. The CIA report said that even the toughest prisoners would spill their guts to stop the reading, and though long-term exposure to Fidelbogan's writing causes significant brain damage, Fidel's writing is seen as an extreme but failsafe way to inflict pain on an adversary. Congratulations Fidelbogan!


Anonymous said...

Just a heads up. Said person bans people for "homophobia" and mysoginy.

Anonymous said...

You're a bad loser, Robin. The difference between your and fidelbogen's writings is that he reaches well-founded conclusions by staying with the facts, whereas your irrelevant polemics resemble erratic farts propelling you through the Hall of Mirrors of your ego. No substance, but you seem to like the smell.

KellyMac said...

LMAO! The old thesaurus must have been smoking by the time you got done with that!

And yet, you don't dispute any of it, but try to belittle the people who wrote it. How typical.

"Robin Steele MRA" my ass.

Robin Steele said...

KellyMac said: you don't dispute any of it...
Robin wrote: "...his contentions are as incorrect and they are insignificant" That would be disputing it.
I stated on Luke's website that I didn't write it. Will it really matter to you to have the explanation? You'll attack & insult me no matter what I write. Those who refuse to engage in the points I raise will continue to attack the straw man Feminazi Chupacabra. Those who have actually read and considered what I've written don't care whether I wrote it or not. Judging by your unwillingness to dispute even the contention that you, as a woman, can't know God, you seem to be one to hurl quick insults then run away.

anonymous 1 said: Said person bans people for "homophobia" and mysoginy. Imagine that, Mikee. You usually get banned for being an annoying moron.

anonymous 2 said: he reaches well-founded conclusions by staying with the facts... I'm sure he ain't been staying with any girls, so more power to him!

KellyMac said...

"I didn't do it" is not a dispute. It's a denial.

You link to one of the biggest haters on the net. That hardly says peace and love.

What makes you think a woman CAN know God? Just because to think anything else is "oppression" or "misogyny"? I don't know whether a woman can know God or not. I do know that we function much better as women than as pretend men.

Robin Steele said...

I do know that we function much better as women than as pretend men. obviously believe we function better as invertebrates than vertebrates.
You obviously know I link to more men sites, and you're Christian when it suits you and will renounce it at the drop of a hat, invertebrate style.
I see where you're coming from now. Smart. You've got more male attention than you've ever had. Good for you. You just need to be able to turn off your brain, which you've already mastered.
Go ahead and give me the anti-feminist spiel, but I don't give a shit if women want to be subservient, traditional, or slaves. If singing the zombie song makes you feel like the popular girl on the playground, more power to you. I'm sure it's a new experience.

KellyMac said...

Are you saying women are invertebrates? No wonder you don't want to be one. What must it be like to hate yourself?

I never said I was a Christian. I haven't been a Christian for over 20 years. You don't have to believe in the religion to ponder the question. I certainly don't fully know God. Do you?

And at last we come to it. When feminists can't figure out what else to throw at me, suddenly I'm an MRA so I can be popular with the boys. Oh. Ouch. That hurt so much.Is that why you're such a proud MRA, Robin? So you can be popular with the boys?

See if you can get your fat head around this, hon. I am anti-feminist and an MRA because it's the right thing to do. I for one don't want to see my children left with nothing but unnatural choices for partners.

Exposing Feminism said...

''EXPOSING FEMINISM' is a bitch.
Just a heads up. Said person bans people for "homophobia" and mysoginy.'

You should have paid more attention to the 'Exposing' part of my name, MikeeUSA.

You're not an MRA.

(Anyone who is confused by this outburst can visit to find out more.)

Yohan said...

comment #1
Just a heads up. Said person bans people for 'homophobia' and mysoginy.

The blog of Exposing Feminism contains a lot of useful information regarding Men's Rights Movement.

However the owner of this blog always thinks about the possibility to find a dialog even with radical-minded feminist outsiders, who are only misusing his good intention and are making fun out of him.

Some feminists are responding to him rather rude, others are bringing up tearmaking stories demanding apology because they feel insulted...

It's indeed a strange moderation - giving me really the impression, the owner of that blog cares sometimes more about happy feminists than about men and their problems.

We have to respect, that this is his blog and his way of moderation, therefore up to him.

Robin Steele said...

of Exposing Feminism, Yohan says: ...the owner of this blog always thinks about the possibility to find a dialog even with radical-minded feminist outsiders...
Some people call this being "open-minded."
Others might even suggest that actually talking with others outside your small and insular, conformist group ("ousiders") is necessary to create change.

If things are going to change, aren't you eventually going to have to talk learn to communicate with "outsiders," since the "insiders" are clearly not the ones in power?

Yohan said...

Robin Steele: If things are going to change, aren't you eventually going to have to talk learn to communicate with "outsiders," since the "insiders" are clearly not the ones in power?

Robin Steele considers herself to be an outsider and not an insider, despite she calls herself to be a Men's Rights Activist.

The 'Outsider Men's Rights Activist Robin Steele' is teaching the 'Insider MRA Yohan', how he has to communicate with feminists...

Robin Steele, you are really a clown. Nobody takes your arguments anymore seriously without a big smile.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've been caught out being duplicitous. Your shaming language and failure to really debate the argument are further pieces of evidence that you are two-faced.

Adios, men shall no longer lighten the doorway of your blog.

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