Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Last Night I Drempt..." by MRI poet Luke Skywalker

Last Night I Drempt I Slept w/ Philippine Bargirls
by Luke Skywalker
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I had a dream last night that I was in the Philippines,
and that I was in Angeles City,
and I slept with the bar-girls
in Angeles City.

It was so much better
than putting up with nasty American women.
I don't ever want to put up with
bitchy American women.

Yeah, first I got those bar girls
to massage me real good,
and then I had sex with them.

I want to know if the hedonist
or anybody else has anything to say
about getting bar girls to massage you
before having sex with you.

I know somebody said that it was possible
to get whores in Nevada brothels to do that,
but nobody ever said whether or not
that was possible with bar-girls in the Philippines.

If it is, I will be very, very happy,
because what I'll do is
I'll really shop around my first night there,
and I'll get a real trophy girl
to spend the whole night with.

And then I'm going to get that Asian dream-nymph
to massage me all over my whole body
and then I will drill her.

So somebody who's experienced in this biz
I hope gets their brain in action
and figures out how to combine
what was said about getting Nevada prostitutes
to massage you before having sex with you,
and about barfining bar-girls
to have sex with you,
and comes up with how to combine those two things
to get bar-girls in the Philippines
to massage you before having sex with you.

What I need is Masculist Man.
If Masculist Man were there with me,
I could do anything.
We could smash through every single obstacle
that there is.
I've heard some guys say that the bar girls were great.

what I need is Masculist Man.
If Masculist Man were there,
he'd know exactly what to do.

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