Monday, January 22, 2007

Hate on

There is no Men's movement without misogyny Otis the Sweaty

I am 100 percent anti-woman. Otis the Sweaty

I propose an armed militia style force similar to the black panthers to be a visible part of the men's movement and I also have advocated assasinating some of the worst misandrists(Mary Daly, rasa von werder - Trailer Park Tony Montana

Do we support violence against women? Hmmm... well that depends. John Dias

...there are plenty of women out there who could use a good smacking around. Any guy who runs his mouth the way most women do eventually will get his ass beat so women need the same treatment. Otis the Sweaty

Re: MikeeUSA
What kind of movement would Men's Rights be without some crazed extremists? It just shows the strength of our movement.

Feminist Scum said...Fuck off, Robin, you worthless scrut. Go fall on a shard of glass.

We, the MRM, are not even treating women half as bad as they demand to be treated! It's high time we stepped up to the plate and swung for the bleachers! the stupid bitch is so irresponsible to hit a guy who outweighs her by 50+ pounds, then show her what happens to a man when he tells Mike Tyson he is a gap-tooth fairy. That is an "equality experience," you know! - Rob


My Uncle Lee was a mamber of the Klux Klux Klan. Almost made it to the position of Grand Dragon in the great state of North Carolina... Jazzman

Nothing wrong with being a white supremacist ... Alexandra

I joined an aryan prison organization when I got locked up at 18 years of age, have the sig runes tattooed on my chest and "white pride" in olde english letters down my arms Trailer Park Tony Montana

I dont like blacks... I just wish blacks would go away... white people in the south will soon be a endangered species, sad. Groobz

the bad thing about the advent of blogging is now every fucking reject loser who cant get laid, fight, or find anybody stupid enough to enjoy thier company now has the oppurtunity to spread thier psedo intellectual drivel to the ends of the earth TPTM


Anonymous said...

You are taking quotations from, you sneaky
misandrist provocateur. Pox on you!

Anonymous said...

Your quotations are lifted out of the context of the original posting
re: You are a misandrist!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the way you misandrists always use a fallacy whenever the opportunity presents itself. Stop bad-mouthing LIAR!

Anonymous said...

There are over 1200 members of, and you choose to show two members and someone who is not a member. You Lying Sack of Shit!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Many members of
are women. You know where you can go and what you can do with yourself along the way!!! LIAR!!!!

SeeC said...

On, they refer to sneaks like you as Feminazis, Feminits, ... Misandrists!!!

Chuck said...

Hate is not condoned on Those people who post hate are sanctioned and even banned. You are a LIAR!!!!!

Jack O. Merd said...

Stop lying about!!!
We have female members and do not condone misogyny in any form.

Hyman Kaplan said...

We are a threat to your agenda. You lie like a rug.

Norman J. Leer said...

You can dish it out, but you can't take it, can you?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, those aren't even the worst quotes to be found at that website. What the people of don't realize is that they're shooting themselves in the foot by allowing extremists in their midsts.

It's no different when anti-misogynists fail to silence or ostracize their extremists.

Anonymous said...

Cherry picking off of a website that has as many active members as antimisandry does is bad form. In any group of people, especially a group of people who are angry about something like misandry, there are going to be a few loud and sometimes obnoxious people saying stupid things. By no means are women's groups and feminists immune to this type of thing. Antimisadry prides itself on not censuring its member’s postings as much as other sites like does. And I must say some of the things that I see on that site are no better.

Anonymous said...

That hate filled web site makes me sick. The members post questions in Yahoo Answers pretending to be extremist feminists then use these as examples of how feminism isn't about equality. There tactics as women haters are dodgy and childish. Please Robin continue to pick the rocks up that these bottom feeders hide under.

Anonymous said...

AM may be "anti-misandry" but it is definitely pro-misogyny in that some of its members continuously spout it while others silently and apparently happily continue their business amongst the hate. Silence is telling, isn't it? Bunch of freaking psychos over there.

-Ex-member and reformed whipping post

Anonymous said...

They're all psychos at that site.

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