Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Blogs Quitting

An Irishman Against Feminism A Sort Of Hiatus

As I detailed in my previous post below, the graphic design industry I’m going into is a cutthroat business and it is clear that most of the lecturers on my course are not pushing us hard enough over some absurd political correctness.

With that in mind, I obviously won’t have as much time for the MRM as I really do want to dedicate myself to my studies as much as possible. Blog posts will dry up ... That and the fact my life has improved a lot since I went back to college after a rather depressing summer... along with the fact I got my braces just before I went back as well!

Virtually no one I know in real life knows that I am an MRA and I don’t think you would too if you saw me. I keep quiet on that area, unless of course, I’m poking fun at someone! Trust me, humour is a good way to get a message across. You’ll be happy that you’ve said something but at the same time, most people wouldn’t think that underneath your joking, you were actually saying something serious!
Until next time, NHY


Business Interests are calling me

On January of this year I registered Three LLCs with the Texas Secretary of State's Office. To launch three new companies... It is taking all of my free time and available hours to do justice to it. Between Attorneys, Investors, Accounts and VC people I have no time to devote to my blogging. I will be absent for an extended time....I wish you well.

Eternal Bachelor

Well, after almost two-years of typing and posting away, and a fairly impressive 700,000 hits or so, it's time to close this blog. It's been fun but there's only so many times I can rant and rage before repeating myself. Plus as well as running out of things to post about, the blog was taking up quite a bit of time and I've just moved to a new country and need to concentrate on sorting stuff out. .. Ciao.

Fred X
Sunday, October 21, 2007 Closed

Until further notice, this blog is closed. I've explained 2 weeks ago, I don't need to again. If I am ready, truly ready, I'll let you know. Be strong, and never let anyone tell you that men don't matter, because we fucking do. Fred

Lord Feverstone's Commentary
Friday, April 13, 2007 An Update

I apologise, readers, for not updating my blog recently... One could conceivably consider himself fortunate to not have read updates from me, for my thoughts have grown increasingly dark of late. Neither life nor my assessment of it have improved.

My 26 years in this world have not been well-spent. I resent many things, but I resent myself most of all. I simply do not measure up to my own standards, and I am certainly not inclined to "admit defeat" and consequently lower them. When I look in the mirror, I see the author of my destruction, the shell of a man who could have become "someone" but presently withers on the vine. I simply cannot overlook my uselessness, my failure. posted by Lord Feverstone

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dealing with an Unhappy Woman

:-) ...But, of course, there is really only one effective way in which to satisfy your woman so that she remains calm and at peace with the world, and so that she no longer feels the urge to complain daily nor the need to nag hourly about anything.
And this is to shoot her.
Take it from AH, nothing else will do the trick.
There is no other way to put her out of her malingering misery or to stop that mindless moaning.
And, more importantly, there is no other way for you to gain any respite from either of these things.
So you can forget about all the psychology books, the relationship experts, the priests and the marriage counselors. A bullet between the eyes is the best solution - especially for the longer term.
In the shorter term, the only real problem is getting rid of the body or trying to convince the incredulous judge that someone else did it - preferably that dragon of a mother-in-law; someone whom your woman increasingly resembles in both mentality and shape.
No way are you going to remain married to that!
That wasn't the deal at the ceremony. That wasn't in the contract. You have been sold a pig in a poke.
You have been cheated and abused.
But this is the price you pay for not checking out properly the goods beforehand.
If you knew then what you know now you could have had some semblance of a life.
But, No.
She had a sweet smile and a likkle dipple in her cheeks.
And you just loved seeing her in that bright green dress that you bought for her from Woolworths.
That's all that it really took, eh, Einstein?
You would have been better off sniffing crack for all these years.
And now you want your money back.
You have paid the price. You have done your time. And right now you'd give away both your legs for some kind of loophole.
Well, there's no loophole, Patsy.
She'll clean you out. And you'll have nothing left but the shirt on your back and the hole from your pocket.
This is a no-win situation.
You should have checked out that mother of hers before walking the aisle.
But it's too late now.
If you manage to get a good lawyer he'll take all your money, and if you don't, she'll take it.
And between them they'll carve up your little nestegg like a birthday cake or a plot of land, and then they'll hand the rest of it over to her own lawyer.
You will be fleeced and left destitute with absolutely nothing more to look forward to, except, perhaps, the occasional bowl of soup or a piece of string to tie your shoe.
What to do, eh?
With careful planning and a few well-rehearsed alibis it should not be too difficult to make your woman blend more harmoniously with your point of view about her.
After all, what is death?
It is merely a state of mind. An absence of thought. A great big zero.
So why do people make such a fuss about it, eh?
That's what AH would like to know.
And if your woman is unhappy, then why let her suffer? It doesn't seem right to let her feel so negative about things.
It seems unfair.
And so if you really cannot get that hormonal hussy who hisses and hollers all day long to feel positive about anything, then helping her slide quickly towards that great big zero is surely an improvement!
As such, a well-aimed headshot from out of the blue would be an act of kindness.
An act of mercy.

Angry Harry quickly disavows his own advocacy of violence as "humour."

And so I make no apologies for making humour out of the notion that men who are fed up with their women should shoot them.
And if some people are offended by such humour, GOOD!
I **want** those people to be offended.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Hate on

There is no Men's movement without misogyny Otis the Sweaty

I am 100 percent anti-woman. Otis the Sweaty

I propose an armed militia style force similar to the black panthers to be a visible part of the men's movement and I also have advocated assasinating some of the worst misandrists(Mary Daly, rasa von werder - Trailer Park Tony Montana

Do we support violence against women? Hmmm... well that depends. John Dias

...there are plenty of women out there who could use a good smacking around. Any guy who runs his mouth the way most women do eventually will get his ass beat so women need the same treatment. Otis the Sweaty

Re: MikeeUSA
What kind of movement would Men's Rights be without some crazed extremists? It just shows the strength of our movement.

Feminist Scum said...Fuck off, Robin, you worthless scrut. Go fall on a shard of glass.

We, the MRM, are not even treating women half as bad as they demand to be treated! It's high time we stepped up to the plate and swung for the bleachers! the stupid bitch is so irresponsible to hit a guy who outweighs her by 50+ pounds, then show her what happens to a man when he tells Mike Tyson he is a gap-tooth fairy. That is an "equality experience," you know! - Rob


My Uncle Lee was a mamber of the Klux Klux Klan. Almost made it to the position of Grand Dragon in the great state of North Carolina... Jazzman

Nothing wrong with being a white supremacist ... Alexandra

I joined an aryan prison organization when I got locked up at 18 years of age, have the sig runes tattooed on my chest and "white pride" in olde english letters down my arms Trailer Park Tony Montana

I dont like blacks... I just wish blacks would go away... white people in the south will soon be a endangered species, sad. Groobz

the bad thing about the advent of blogging is now every fucking reject loser who cant get laid, fight, or find anybody stupid enough to enjoy thier company now has the oppurtunity to spread thier psedo intellectual drivel to the ends of the earth TPTM

Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Last Night I Drempt..." by MRI poet Luke Skywalker

Last Night I Drempt I Slept w/ Philippine Bargirls
by Luke Skywalker
« Thread Started on Oct 13, 2007, 5:26pm »

I had a dream last night that I was in the Philippines,
and that I was in Angeles City,
and I slept with the bar-girls
in Angeles City.

It was so much better
than putting up with nasty American women.
I don't ever want to put up with
bitchy American women.

Yeah, first I got those bar girls
to massage me real good,
and then I had sex with them.

I want to know if the hedonist
or anybody else has anything to say
about getting bar girls to massage you
before having sex with you.

I know somebody said that it was possible
to get whores in Nevada brothels to do that,
but nobody ever said whether or not
that was possible with bar-girls in the Philippines.

If it is, I will be very, very happy,
because what I'll do is
I'll really shop around my first night there,
and I'll get a real trophy girl
to spend the whole night with.

And then I'm going to get that Asian dream-nymph
to massage me all over my whole body
and then I will drill her.

So somebody who's experienced in this biz
I hope gets their brain in action
and figures out how to combine
what was said about getting Nevada prostitutes
to massage you before having sex with you,
and about barfining bar-girls
to have sex with you,
and comes up with how to combine those two things
to get bar-girls in the Philippines
to massage you before having sex with you.

What I need is Masculist Man.
If Masculist Man were there with me,
I could do anything.
We could smash through every single obstacle
that there is.
I've heard some guys say that the bar girls were great.

what I need is Masculist Man.
If Masculist Man were there,
he'd know exactly what to do.

Monday, January 15, 2007

DELETED COMMENTS (offensive content)

Comments removed from posts because they were disruptive, offensive, inane, or all three.

Looks like you borrowed the design for your posters from Despair, Inc.'s line of demotivation posters: Compare here and here - the aspect ratio for the photos is the same, there's the same small 1-2 pixel frame around the photos, same single-color background, same typeface, the photos are positioned in exactly the same place and there's the same distance between the photos and the upper margin of the letters.You once again show you're just here for trying to mock us. Your cynicism will eat up your soul, Robin Steele.
January 2, 2008 4:44 AM

Anonymous said... This cunt bitch Steele is CONSTANTLY deleting justified comments every couple of hours. Such FEEEEAAARR!!
She is too weak to tolerate these properly placed male-positive comments.
What a chicken-shit cunt bitch!!
November 15, 2007 8:56 AM

Anonymous said... Can Christ save "Robin Steele"?
Hate leads straight to hell, and Robin Steele's "womenofsteele" blog is pure hate.
In order for Robin Steele to be saved she would have to renounce her hate, repend for her sins, and make restitution to those who she has harmed.
Don't look for Robin Steele to end her sins of hate any time soon. Christ can not save a misandrist feminist. Straight to hell is where she belongs.
November 15, 2007 7:47 AM

Anonymous said... This cunt bitch Steele is CONSTANTLY deleting justified comments every couple of hours. Such FEEEEAAARR!!
She is too weak to tolerate these properly placed male-positive comments.
What a chicken-shit cunt bitch!!
November 15, 2007 8:58 AM

Anonymous said... "I doubt if she is the radical feminist you think she is," Pastor Ken Deemer.
LOL! This whole blog is nothing but radical feminist misandrist lies and hate. Your "doubt" makes me doubt your credibility as a supporter of men's rights.
November 15, 2007 11:33 AM

MikeeUSA said... Anonymous said "Her whole blog is misandrist hate, lies, and attacks on men. As long as you're taking the time to post this throughout the site, feel free to point to any specific examples, mikee."
I didn't post that. I never use the word misandry and nearly never the word feminazi. This is because I am opposed to all women's rights, not just "extreme amounts of women's rights" (feminazism).
I post logged in now due to your internet friends impostoring me so please don't attribute anon postings to me anylonger.
Question: why do you have Amaya trying to create a cult of personality for you, that doesn't look good in my humble opinion. She also keeps posting the same message everywhere and that message is laughable (well... I hope it is).
My opinion of this weblog is that it doesn't 'feel' real. It seems to be made to get a rise out of MRAs etc (equating anti-feminists with school shootings).
If you want to do that you really need to expand the amount of people you reach. Troll around Men's sites and give them your web address, then troll around feminist sites and also give them your address: then the two shall meet.
I'm sorry that I cannot respond with the force that MRAs here respond with, the weblog just doesn't have the real feeling and your prose usually comes off as if a man's writing it. I just don't believe this weblog.

Anonymous said... Can Christ save "Robin Steele"?
Hate leads straight to hell, and Robin Steele's "womenofsteele" blog is pure hate.
In order for Robin Steele to be saved she would have to renounce her hate, repent for her sins, and make restitution to those who she has harmed.
Don't look for Robin Steele to end her sins of hate any time soon. Christ can not save a misandrist feminist. Straight to hell is where she belongs.
November 15, 2007 7:52 AM

Anonymous said... Can Christ save "Robin Steele"?
Hate leads straight to hell, and Robin Steele's "womenofsteele" blog is pure hate.
In order for Robin Steele to be saved she would have to renounce her hate, repent for her sins, and make restitution to those who she has harmed.
Don't look for Robin Steele to end her sins of hate any time soon. Christ can not save a misandrist feminist. Straight to hell is where she belongs.
November 15, 2007 7:53 AM

November 13, 2007 10:01 AM Anonymous said... Bahalooja probably said all that pro-women's rights crap so he could bed lots of women.
November 13, 2007 4:34 PM Anonymous said... Hey, it worked for Peter. He got into more pussy than any other man of his time.
November 14, 2007 2:33 PM

Another thing: you and your internet friends keep commenting on my weblog 'articles' but never comment on the what the article actually says, you just want to discuss the Bible all day and attempt to refute that of it which I quote.
If you want to sound more like a feminist woman then copy ginmar's style. She sounds both female, leftist, and abit out of touch (academic?). That is an authentic feminist.
You sound like a bored policeman who want's to have fun using the internet. Your name "Robin Steele" sounds very sterotypical for the feminist persona.
Well the internet is the world's playground. Keep improving your gag.
November 15, 2007 5:46 PM

Anonymous said... Anonymous said...
"mt"it would go along way to stop the war between the feminist and anti feminist."
Why would men do that after feminism has attacked and captured our government, schools, families, and most of our lives. To be assaulted, captured, enslaved, and then accept peace is a fools bargain.
The war between feminists and men won't end until the feminist destruction of families, enslavement of men, and capture of our culture has been driven back. They started this very violent and destructive war, but peace after they have won and backed men into the farthest corner is not going to happen.
It is no accident that the schools where shootings happen have very destructive anti-male hate programs being taught, and boys or young men being hammered down. Let them roll back their feminist hate and restore respect for boys and young men. Until they are willing to do that they are only conquerors whining because their occupation isn't going as easily as they expected.
It wasn't men who started the very violent and very destructive feminist war on boys and men. If they didn't want the violence, they should not have started the war."
Hey anon, start counting the minutes to when your post will be deleted by the narcissist hate monger/criminal Rob-and-Steal.
Or to when her sockpuppet lesbian sister "Shattered Ken" chokes with fear over it with her drivel.
Anonymous said... LOL. You got that right. Ms. Steele deletes anything with truth in it. And pussy boy "Shattered man" would rather lick her behind than stand up and be a man. Peace! Please feminists, can we have peace! "Peace in our time."
November 16, 2007 9:32 AM

"Father's Rights Activist Calls for Firing of Maryland Court Judge"5 Comments - Show Original Post Collapse comments
Anonymous said... Cory Anthony, a columnist for the university of California newspaper "The Daily Nexus" believes that Men who touch women should have their hands cut off:[quote]There are some places in this world where they cut off your hands for stealing. I think Isla Vista should be the place where you get your hands cut off for molesting people. Del Playa would’ve been much better on Halloween if a lot of the guys didn’t have any hands.[/quote]
The article is acompanied by a drawing of a Man's hand in a guillotine reaching for a female whore's bottom. (backup)
In the Bible the only time a law ever demands that someone's hand be cut off is when a woman attacks a Man's genitals. As you can see, the beliefs of the present day are completely the opposite of the old Biblical laws. Today it is women who are respected, in the Bible it was Men who were respected. Today Men are hated above all things and all creatures. We are seen as people who must suffer if not under obedience to women.
Deuteronomy 25:11,12 (New International Version)[code]If two men are fighting and the wife of one of them comes to rescue her husband from his assailant, and she reaches out and seizes him by his private parts, 12 you shall cut off her hand. Show her no pity.[/code][quote]Drugstore Cowboy: Thanks for All the Memories; Next Time Keep Your Hands Off
Cory Anthony, Columnist
November 30, 2007 3:07 PM
Anonymous said... Why do califorians want men to have their hands cut off? That is sick. Can some action be taken against that columnist?
November 30, 2007 3:09 PM

Monday, January 1, 2007


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