Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Call for Peace!

The time has come to end the predatory use of the Internet to perpetuate violence against men & women!
The time has come for women of all races, faiths and nationalities to join together as one!
We are smarter.
We are focused.
We have the power.
And we are seizing control.
The time has come.
The future is ours.

Support Peace!

Defeat Violence!


Masculist Man said...


Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. I hope you like the living Hell you helped to create.

Carol said...

While I am against violence, I am also against feminism. Also this business of women being smarter and stronger - that is an elitist attitude.

Feminism has destroyed the family and women in general. That movement was supposed to liberate women but what has it really done? Not only are women STILL keeping the home, but now they have the burdon of working as well. We have a phrase for that, it's called "super-mom". We were not liberated at all but in fact oppressed even more.

If women were keepers of the home, the way God intended, then there would be no need for babysitters and daycares who molest our children and even murder them. The feminist movement elevates women while stomping men under their feet which is not right and downright demonic! I am not sideing with the women-haters either - no one should elevate themselves above another, especially for something as weak as gender.

The fact is, women ARE created for men, to love them, to keep the home, to raise children, and be peacekeepers. And men are to love their wives, provide for the family, and be EQUAL with the wife in all things. The Bible speaks of submission on both parts btw, not just for women. But if there the couple is ever at an impass, then the wife is to submit because the husband is the head of the family, just like Christ is head of the church. If you've got two opposing forces going head-to-head, something got to give lest you both break your necks. And so the woman is to concede.

That does not mean God is anti-woman. Before Jesus came in the flesh, women were seen as property but this was a cultural thing and Jesus spoke against this. Jesus elevated women from their current status to be equal with men, but there are different roles for us because we are different. Like it or not, men are stronger than women (phsycially speaking) and so they are natural protectors. Men are also typically more aggressive than women and so again, natural protectors. Women are generally more nurturing and so we are better suited to child raising.

I used to be a feminist myself years ago but Jesus took all that muck away from me. And only now as a Christian could I appreciate and even embrace my role as a woman and a wife. I hope you will seek the Lord on this.

Kuuenbu said...


Your overall message is noble, however, your religious basis completely negates your argumentative validity. Such things rely on realistic, non-abstract deduction, as opposed to the faith basis of Christianity.

Religion, just like feminism, is dogma. The two are one and the same. You can't fight vapor with vapor.

Yohan said...


I wonder, why this thread of this blog has this URL ....

What has IMBRA to do with Robin Steele's Call for Peace?

byrdeye said...


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