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Robin Steele lasted FemNag head case.

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Robin Steele lasted FemNag head case.
The new tactics of the FemNags is to try to incite MRA to make statements to get them taken off the Web for TOS violations. The latest attack is on Bob's Truth blog. Bob has some strong opinions. Some of which I disagree. He refers to Police as Blue Gun Thugs.

Some are Blue Gun Thugs. Engaged in falsification and withholding of evidence in Criminal Cases. Like the Duke LaCrosse case, and one where a Man is serving a life sentence for Murder. It is clear he was framed by Police and Prosecutors. And he will likely get a new trial. At which time he will be found not Guilty. Crucial Evidence was unlawfully withheld at his trial.

The Innocence Project has freed over 200+ Men serving long prison sentences for Rapes they did not commit. Some for two decades. DNA evidence has freed them. Ms. Steele accused me of approving the molestation and Rape of my Own Daughter. In a desperate measure to get my attention. Its not working.

I am ignoring her deliberate attempts to incite me to make some angry statement. She is showing her insane bias towards men. She and I have traded emails back and forth. Hers were full of insults and attempts to shame me into silence. Hell if I have been shot at twice and it did not deter me, no statements from some insane Feminist is going to stop me!!!

The reasons to censor Men is simple. The major media outlets and Newspapers Feminist friendly for 3 decades now is losing Market share. And in the US 80% of Adults are now online. The Battle ground for public opinion is now the Web. Where Men are increasingly voicing their opinions everywhere they can. hxxp://
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Emerging disinformation campaign
Gents and Ladies greetings from the Dallas Metroplex in the Lone Star State. That's Texas y'all. A New Blog with a Blogger Robin Steele has started a campaign to identify a number of MRA as Hate Sites. The old Feminist canard anyone who disagrees with them or holds contrary opinions is a hate Monger. The Entitlement mentality has become so ingrained in Western & American Feminist Women. They feel they have the right to eliminate opinions they disagree with or Men whose ideas they find distasteful.

As many here realize the MRA is a Big Tent. With many varied opinions, political views, and methods on how to deal with the current culture and Gender issues. Desperation is growing as the old Media continues to lose circulation, readers, and money. Recent data shows 80% of US folk are now connected to the Web. Therefore the battle is shifting to the Internet. The medium Feminists have the least control of.

Another article appeared from Feminists are Rutgers telling Men and Women how beautiful, sexual, hot and happy Feminists are as lovers and companions. The Second such article in less than two weeks. Comments on the Chicago Tribune page reveal that few but Feminists are buying the lies. As it is transparent Advocacy Research.

A court Challenge to IMBRA is coming. With Women amongst the plaintiffs. This is in my opinion the Achilles Heel of the Feminist Movement in the US. Made up of mostly aging Boomer Women, who nobody wants. Lesbians who clearly hate Men. NOW admits 40% of its Members are self professed Lesbians.

Clearly they are worried that younger Women don't want to be associated with the movement. We keep hearing from Feminists how they constantly want to redefine their movement. Trying to sell Shit repackaged is always a strategy. But when the ingredient is Dung. Its smell, odor, consistency and properties tell
you what it is.

Feminists in the end. Cannot make Men love them, want them, want to have children with them. They embrace a philosophy destined to make them lonely and unhappy. If you cannot deal with reality, it will deal with you.

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