Tuesday, January 1, 2008


One of the barriers to making progress in men's rights legislation is the negative stereotype of men as having less interest and/or less importance in their parenting role.

Decades of campaigning, advocacy and advertising on behalf of abused women and against "deadbeat dads" has compounded the stereotype, and done a disserve both to the majority of fathers who want active, positive and nurturing relationships with their children, and their sons and daughters who need the love and support of both parents.

Help Promote Fathers' Rights
In order to help counteract the negative stereotypes, and to honor the great numbers of fathers who are battling to build and maintain positive relationships with their children, Robin Steele is creating and distributing a series of digital posters that communicate the vital message that Children Need Fathers.
These images are available to all who are interested in promoting a positive image and message about the importance of father's involvement in their children's lives. If you would like to support men's rights by posting these messages on your blogs, websites and forums with a link back to the campaign homepage, please let me know if you are interested in joining or supporting the campaign by emailing me at robinsteele@myway.com. Include a link to your blog or webpage so that I can help share the word.
There are sixteen posters created thus far, which will be made available in the coming weeks, and posted for use under Creative Commons licensing.
Any input on ways to increase the effectiveness and reach of this campaign is welcome and appreciated.

Here are some of the preliminary poster graphics.Right click to download any image. Click on any poster to enlarge:


Thanks you for supporting men's rights and the Children Need Fathers campaign.

Robin Steele

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